I’m Extremely Unhappy with DHL

Update: Just found out, Cute Nemo had ordered a Macbook Pro last year, worth $1,700, but her custom charges were exactly the same as mine.

Update 2: Solved my problem with DHL.

I ordered a package from the States, and shipped it via DHL. It’s a few accessories for my digital camera, and RAM memory sticks for my laptop. The cost of everything I bought was just $120. i,.e. KD35 .

Now DHL wants me to pay fees of KD 25, i,.e. $87 just for processing customs. And that’s on top of the $60 DHL shipping I already paid in the States.

WTH? M.O. Commerce & Industry certificate? Why? Am I a company or a corporate entity and I don’t know?

Bayan, Avian fees, stamps, Global Clearing Customs, Customs…. These are just some of the fees I’m supposed to pay for?

I told the DHL delivery guy that I’m sure I’m not the only one in Kuwait who would complain about these fees. They are outrageous. I would accept them if I had bought a Laptop or some expensive electronics. Not a bottle screw on cap, a macro lens keychain, and a $30 RAM stick. Check the cheap stuff I bought here and here, and tell me are they worth clearing customs KD 25?

DHL should have used common sense, realized that custom charges don’t fit with the value of the packaged items, and called me to OK it first. I’m pretty sure that if I had gone to the Customs place my self, then they wouldn’t have charged me this way.

I repeat, I ain’t a company. These are not inventory items for re-sale. DHL should’ve called and warned me.


19 Responses to I’m Extremely Unhappy with DHL

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  2. in-love-with-laguna says:

    الدي اج ل
    مو مثل قبل
    انا استخدم الفدكس او تي ان تي و ترا سرعة الوصول نفس الشي

  3. Nivine says:

    sorry to hear that! but why would DHL call and deter u from placing order, they Care about their $ 60/- charges more than u. they would never do such a thing, as they assume u know about custom charges already! i think its customs who need to adjust their fees in accordance to weight…

    • buzfairy says:


      If u bought a laptop, then that is one major piece of fine electronic supremacy, right?

      Now, if u had bought a cheap camera cover made from padded cloth, a screw to attach ur camera to a water bottle, a stick that extends so u hold ur camera from afar, and a small pouch that is filled with silly potty to stick ur camera to surfaces… Do I see any of these items as high tech? As any tech?

      I don’t. And the DHL people shouldn’t either.

      The only thing I would call high tech in all of my order are the RAM memory sticks. They are tiny in size, feather light in weight, and dirt cheap. They costed me 36 dollars, and each weight an ounce.

      Again I ask. Do you see anything worthy of this huge custom fee? Again I say. You don’t get to charge me like ur charging someone getting a huge state of the art, super technological laptop.

      What call and what deterrent?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

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  5. ims85 says:

    Buz, in Kuwait I noticed u pay more for electronic stuff, my brother orders USB cables ( ya3ny waier 3ady 7ag el iphone) they charge to much and it cost onlu 1 dollar! we use Aramex, even when I see the invoice I get shocked sometimes when I sign on the Invoice I see other people tax for colthes or what ever its more less than cables or any part that u use for electornics!

    • ims85 says:

      O elly a3rfa ena el customes should be 5% of the total invoice!

      • buzfairy says:

        Exactly… There is a paper men eljamarik: elvalue is kd 54, w eljmrik kd 2.75…. Hatha kalam ma3qool w 3ala rasi. Bs 10 times that is not ok 😦
        Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

    • buzfairy says:

      With aramex, u pay shipping and jamark together… Ana ordered and paid shipping men ehnak, only eljamarek.

      Today someone ordered a galaxy phone with dhl too. His jmrik was only 15 dinar… And that phone se3rah not less than $800-900.

      I’m sure ako shay gala6 with my 7esba.

      I don’t order online… I’ve got elsoug ehni infront of me, beddon mashakel wala boug. W en bagooni, fahum eybogoon m3 service rawa3a.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

    • buzfairy says:

      Bagait agool shay….. A lot of ppl order a tone of things… They always always always shop online.

      How is that even possible with these silly charges? Actually how does anyone order anything if this is the norm 😦

      • ims85 says:

        As Im owner of Lamercato.com I always order stuff ti resell it in the website, in wholesale prices if you see the the site I have almost small stuff for phones and ipods, Aramex never charged me that much, am not sure whats the custom policy, u need to talk with someone in the DHL.

      • buzfairy says:

        I always get emails from u, but I nevver knew that was urs 😀

        Super cool 🙂

        I’m a great customer (delete the dhl story from ur memory) 😉
        Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  6. Nivine says:

    hello Call as you mentioned clearly above!!!! i am quoting u…entay mou shay when ur angry 😦

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