Cute Gergai3an Outfits at Cristeaux in Hala Ramadan Expo


Cristeaux has some super cute girls and boys Gergai3an outfits, in their booth over at the Hala Ramadan Expo at the 360º Mall. The outfits are made to order, and take about a week or 10 days. Visit Cristeaux’s Facebook page for details of all their other designs.


GCC + MC + JD + … + … + … = 5wara

ممكن افهم شي واحد؟ شنهي الدول اللي تطل على الخليج؟ شنو اسمائهم؟ و بالمرة، مدامنا داخلين بالتاريخ، هذا سؤال ثاني: شنو كان موقف الاردن سنة ١٩٩٠ وقت الغزو؟

I, for one, am against it for many obvious reasons: neither Morocco nor Jordan are on the Arabian Gulf, we don’t share the same culture or even dialect for that matter, plus the fact that Jordan’s loyalty to Kuwait is at best shallow if not non-existant.


Can Someone Buy This For Me

I fell in love with this bracelet. It’s hand made, from natural stones, and some of beads are gold plated.

What’s so special about them is that each is uniquely made according to the horoscope sign.

My sign is Aries; so this particular bracelet has a few Aries gold charms like a Ram, the word adventurous, and the word Aries.

You can get them at Tashkiel, at the Hala Ramadan Expo.

My Purchase from Hala Ramadan Expo

I just bought these beautiful ceramic plates, each comes with its own plastic cover. I got a set that comes in a carry bag, and another one that comes in a steel basket. I thought both would come in handy by the beach or a picnic in the garden.

I got it from Al-Markaz Al-Mubarak, tel # 2265-5577, 2264-0380.

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Lovely Scarves at the Hala Ramadan Expo

I liked these lovely scarves because you can wear them in many many ways, plus the material is soft and cool. Go to the Hala Ramadan Expo and check them out at Tashkeil.

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