GCC + MC + JD + … + … + … = 5wara

ممكن افهم شي واحد؟ شنهي الدول اللي تطل على الخليج؟ شنو اسمائهم؟ و بالمرة، مدامنا داخلين بالتاريخ، هذا سؤال ثاني: شنو كان موقف الاردن سنة ١٩٩٠ وقت الغزو؟

I, for one, am against it for many obvious reasons: neither Morocco nor Jordan are on the Arabian Gulf, we don’t share the same culture or even dialect for that matter, plus the fact that Jordan’s loyalty to Kuwait is at best shallow if not non-existant.



11 Responses to GCC + MC + JD + … + … + … = 5wara

  1. 3ateeja says:

    b3ad 3nhom o mt2then mn mshakilhom al-7en bydshon benah alla yaster mn el-mshakel ely bt9er ;\

    • buzfairy says:

      Eshyabhum linna…. Fekra mo naj7a abadan.

      E7na youm bagainahum, in our darkest days, they rejected and declined us…. Al7een we expect them to support us against Iran’s intrusions?


  2. Farah says:

    They all share the same political stance which is a monarchy therefore they can act as allies to strengthen their bond against any political unrest such as a coup d’etat aka an overthrow of government like in Egypt

    • buzfairy says:

      You might be right… But from what the paper said, it’s more to deject Iran’s involvement in GCC Arab countries.

      Either way, it doesn’t make sense at all. They could establish a brand new sort of alliance, doesn’t have to be within the GCC circle itself.

  3. Shadi says:

    Hi there,
    First of all, i am a Jordanian (Jordanian), I live in Kuwait, me and my family love Kuwait
    Now for what happened in 1990 from the jordanian government, that late king Hussain had to take a balance stance from the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait due to the stance of a (certin sect) of the Jordanian society not all jordanians,
    I have Kuwaiti friend which were with me in the states at the time and they understood and still do
    I hope all kuwaitis will understand the difference between the jordanians

    • buzfairy says:

      As you have Kuwaiti friends, I too have Jordanian friends.

      Kindly separate the people from the country. Jordan, the country, stood against Kuwait in our darkest days of need. There is no reason for us to welcome Jordan into our lives, let alone with open arms.

      Jordan stood against Kuwait and wanted Kuwait eliminated. Say all you want about Jordan, Jordanians, and the difference between the two; but you can’t go back and erase what Jordan did and cry “it wasn’t us”.

  4. Shadi says:

    You misunderstood me
    I am not defending the official stand at that te nor I agree with it or the way it was handled
    But there were facts behind the scenes….

    • buzfairy says:

      Buddy, there are no facts when it comes to the existence of your own country. Everything else vanishes when it’s threatened, and who stands behind its demise will never be forgiven.

  5. in-love-with-laguna says:

    المغرب و الاردن اشيابهم عندنا ؟ شكو ؟
    علئ قولتج فيري اسمه ( مجلس دول التعاون الخليجي )ل
    و أعتقد انا احنا قادرين نواجه المد الايراني
    خلي ملك المغرب و الاردن يسيطرون على دولهم و شعوبهم بالاول

    احنا كشعوب خليجية نرفض رفض تام دخول اي دولة غير خليجية احنا شعوب لنا خصوصياتنا و تراثنا و مصيرنا المشترك
    خلي مصر مع الارن و المغرب يسون لهم مجلس

    • buzfairy says:

      هذا كلام العقل، قولي انشاءالله ينسمع كلامنا

      • g says:

        **** This part was delete for being too offensive****

        We all brothers and i am sorry for calling both of you guys dumb ,what i mean is you both are blind away from the unity of one islamic world some day inshallah al mawla..
        finely i love you brothers and the victory is near inshallah..

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