Tora Bora Movie by Walid Al-Awadi


Tora Bora is a TV series directed and produced by our very own talented Kuwaiti Director, Walid Al-Awadi, and it is set to be screened at the infamous Cannes Festival.

The TV series is about a Kuwaiti couple’s struggle to find their son, whom they assume to be in the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan. It is a very Taliban\Terrorist insightful kind of show. And from what I’ve heard, the show is heartbreaking.

Walid is a personal friend of mine, so I’m going to take it as a very personal insult that he didn’t tell me about the Cannes Festival screening before hand.

Anyways, the super personal insult set aside; I congratulate Walid on this amazing honor and wish him all the best. He is a super fine human being, and Kuwait would be so honored to have him as a Kuwaiti. He is of the kind who seriously make the outside world respect Kuwait.

Click here to check the show’s entire trailers. You can also follow the show on the official website, Facebook, and Youtube accounts.


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Good Weekend Reading

If your bored and have nothing better to do, then you might enjoy reading Dr. Salwa Al-Jassar’s interview with Al-Jareeda newspaper. Just don’t expect her to pleade for or excuse any of her previous “naive” quotes (here and here), cause she does an amazing job in backpedalling through them.

Ashton Kutcher Joins Two and a Half Men

I don’t know if this is a good move, but Ashton Kutcher is joining the cast of the TV show “Two and a Half Men”. He’s not taking over the role of Charlie, but instead is being added as someone new moving into the house.

I still think Robe Lowe was the perfect choice to replace Sheen, and was sad when he turned down the role because of his childhood and family friendship with Sheen. There was one other actor poised for the role, Hugh Grant, but I didn’t feel he fit into the show at all. Now, seeing Kutcher in it, I’m starting to second doubt my opinion about the Grant suggestion.

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