TinTin Movie by Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is bringing us the Adventures of Tintin this year. The movie will be released Christmas time. It looks like it’s going to be a big movie, it already had a huge budget of $135 Million.

Links: Tintin’s website and Tintin’s movie.


I Upgraded my RAM On My Own


I’ve wanted to upgrade my RAM memory for sometime now. I got two 2GB sticks ordered from TransIntl, as recommended by Mark. I bought the pair, along with 2nd Day US shipping for $48. But then I got slapped here in Kuwait at the customs, where I paid an additional KD25 in fees. That makes this purchase a very sour, and failed, one.

Anyways, I decided to do the upgrade yesterday. I opened up the laptop’s cover, removed the Battery, and went on to unscrew the screws. That is where I got into trouble. It turns out my screwdrivers weren’t working. I sent the driver to Lawazem Al-3ayla to get me a #00, but they didn’t have any, and told him to go to Shuwaikh.  What a load of BS.

Anyways, I found another screwdriver from an old corporate giveaway. And it worked. So I went on to open the laptop cover, removed the old RAMs, and put in the new ones. I had also done some small cleaning up of my laptop earlier in the day, so I can’t say for sure if the new RAM made any difference in performance speed so far.

The whole process was super easy. I had taken some shots when I initially started, but then threw the camera away when the screwdriver problem happened. And as I was changing the RAMs, it totally escaped my mind to take pics again. So all I have now are pre and post pictures only. I’m not really sure I should’ve taken off the stickers, but it didn’t make sense for me to keep them on the RAMs.

I referred to this vid and this help from Apple for the installation process.

What Are Zain Upto at the 360?

Zain is having something special over at the 360º Mall, called Zain City, from May 22-28. I wonder what it is. The 360º is already crowded enough, without having a huge corporate event there. But them again, it might not be an exhibition. I guess we’ll find out in a few days.

Facebook Take 3… Hopefully my Last Take

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If you’ve been following my blog, you would know by now that I have a hate relationship with Facebook. I never could get it to work on the blog, no matter how hard I tried.

Well, this time (hopefully) would be my last chance to incorporate Facebook into the blog.

I know I’m not that Techno savvy. But as a girl, I’m well into the top percentile of the tech-friendly girl population. But, even with my advanced technological knowledge, it did not make an ounce of difference to Facebook. I have had major problems with it from the start.

Major problem is such an understatement. I hated Facebook on my blog. I just hated it. I never got it to work, never got it to update, always got a profile instead of a page… It was just terrible.

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This is really my final attempt to incorporate Facebook into the blog. If it works, then hallelujah. If it doesn’t, then RIP. I have tried my best. Every blog out there, and their 40th cousin, has a FB account!! Don’t ask me how, I really don’t know how they did that.

Wish me luck. Facebook is very important for a lot of people. I sure hope it works tamam this time around. I’m almost brought to tears over my in ability to use this simple social tool.

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Ironic Religiousness زين يسوون فيكم

Al-Qabas, Last Page

اهداء لكل الناس اللي تقيس ديانة الشخص بمظهره الخارجي… زين يسوون فيكم…. عندكم الحجاب و اللحية مقياس قرب الواحد لربه؟

هاكم، شوفوا هالخبول شمسوين…. مخدرات بمصحف…..  الله و أكبر الله و أكبر عليهم و على اللي صفق لهم و شجعهم على مناظر التدين الخداعة

ماقول الى عسى على هالحال و أردى… مادري من حطكم ولاة على الناس، تخيطون و تفصلون من بيدخل الجنة و النار على كيفكم

الدين أخلاق و احترام قبل أي شي ثاني، مو حجاب و لحية، يامن الكلام فيكم ضايع

هذا حد مخوخكم       Sauvage    صج انكم

Lady Gaga’s Latest Single: Hair

I like Lady Gaga’s latest single, Hair, more than I liked her other new single, Judas.

Lady Gaga’s Amazing Medley at BBC’s Radio 1 Big Weekend

Ok, the medley could’ve been better. But Lady GaGa looks amazing live.