Review of Kabab 7ijja Sandwiches

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I wanted to have Kabab 7ijja for dinner tonight, but they were sold out of meat. So the guy there suggested I try a Kabab sandwich, which I never even knew sold. I knew they had chicken Shawarma sandwiches, but never of meat Kabab ones.

I ordered one of each, and they both tasted good. I would even date say, they both tasted really really good.

The Kabab sandwich comes stuffed with green leaf vegis and some kind of white sauce, not 6e7eena though. The chicken Shawarma comes with the same green leaf vegis, garlic sauce, and pickles.

Next time, I’ll order my Kabab sandwich with grilled tomatoes, since I love them so much. I wouldn’t change anything on the Shawarma, the chicken is cut nicely and the portion isn’t overwhelming.

The sandwiches are 250 fils each, which is damn cheap mashalla.


4 Responses to Review of Kabab 7ijja Sandwiches

  1. virgo says:

    Shawrma ildyaaay marat et’qthni :s …cause many restaurants keep the skin on the chicken and it tastes yukky when they do that …w marrat khal6at I’ll’thooom tkooon waaayd qatheeetha so I’m not a fan of chicken shrwma but I love shwrma la7am.

    • buzfairy says:

      I almost never eat shawarma chicken, mainly from the stench of meat, fatty lumps, and awful cooking. But Kabab 7ijja’s chicken is different, it’s very good.

      Give it a try 🙂

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