To All You xBox & PS3 Fans: New Kind of Trailer

This is the trailer for a game, not a movie. It’s for L.A. Noir, and it comes from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. This is what Blogged In had to say about it:

With this week’s release of gritty 1940s detective drama L.A. Noire for the Xbox 360 and PS3, however, Rockstar has raised the bar for what constitutes a cinematic video game experience. Boasting groundbreaking facial-mapping technology, an all-star cast and a lifelike recreation of 1940s Los Angeles, it’s already being tipped as one of the year’s best games.

“Ever since it first worked out how to assemble pixels so that they resembled something more recognisable than aliens,” says The Guardian, “the games industry has dreamed of creating one thing above all else – a game that is indistinguishable from a film, except that you can control the lead character. With L.A. Noire, it just might, finally, have found the embodiment of that particular holy grail.”


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