Bachelor Only Movie Nights

KNCC started offering guys only movie nights, in some of it’s locations. Tonight’s Pirates of the Caribbean’s late show at the Avenues is guys only, for example.

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15 Responses to Bachelor Only Movie Nights

  1. Ma6foog says:

    walah zeen ma sawwaw

    because all the good seats goes to Family section while the guys are either in front or in some show rooms on the far left or right
    now with this we can enjoy the movies more without the obligatory of taking a female family member or w/e to enter the family section

    thanx for the great news buz

  2. virgo says:

    So before, a single guy wouldn’t be able to go to the movies alone?

    • buzfairy says:

      No, it now means families can’t go. Last night, we had to have dinner in the avenues, but drive all the way to 360 for a late night movie :/
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  3. virgo says:

    That aint fair! It sounds ‘irregular’ looool

  4. BananaQ8 says:

    e3jebatny il fekra wayd bs haman akthar mn mara aroo7 3la asas only bachelors o ashof families and their kids

  5. Jotkat says:

    Ummmm why!?!

  6. soma says:

    ابصراحه زين يسون انا كل ما اروح السينما اشوف العوايل قعدين اب احسن اماكن و الشباب منكسره ارقبتهم حرام ماله داعي الواحد يتل اخته وله مرته عشان يقعد ابمكان زين

    • buzfairy says:

      Madri, for me, it’s a bad decision, because it forced us to book in another cinema.

      I understand that shabab seats r horrible, and they deserve this new change.

  7. deQor8 says:

    That’s retarded … Kuwait and the rest of the Middle East need to get over themselves … why can’t everybody just sit amongst each other … it is weird. if you are not comfortable sitting next to a guy in the theater then go during non-peak hours or wait for DVD 😛

    • buzfairy says:

      The problem is not with the girls or families…. But the guys act silky and stupid, start laughing hysterically and cheering for any sexually relayed thing….

      It’s like sitting in a bad behaved frat house, but without the booz.

      I don’t like it either, bit u can understand why they need to behave better 🙂

      • deQor8 says:

        yeah i understand … i was commenting on the premise that we already understood that the boys & men for that matter are a bunch of imbeciles … generally speaking of course 😛

        I just worry about the country turning back the clock and saying these days are for families only, these days are for males only, etc. instead of teaching these young men that you don’t behave like a bunch of monkies when you see a girl or see a racy scene in a movie …

        their behavior obviously has inconvenienced people such as yourself and, to me, that is intolerable.

      • buzfairy says:

        You’re absolutely right. The guys have to learn how to behave well, and not act out silly or foolish, or inconvenience anyone with lure remarks and gestures.

        We shouldn’t encourage segregation this way just because the guys are acting foolish.

        I’m not with the separation of nights/movies theaters, but I can totally understand where the kncc come from.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

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