The Little Mermaid Ride at Disney California

This is how wikipedia describes the new ride:

The attraction will be a dark ride, similar to Peter Pan’s Flight and Snow White’s Scary Adventures, but it will have an Omnimover ride system like the one currently in use at the Haunted Mansion. The ride will transport guests under the sea and will focus on many of the major scenes and musical numbers from the movie. Guests will ride in cars themed to resemble large seashells; one car designed for use by wheelchair guests will be themed to resemble Triton’s chariot.

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8 Responses to The Little Mermaid Ride at Disney California

  1. in-love-with-laguna says:

    أبي أروححححححح
    لو اسبوع واحد حق اورلاندو !!
    فيني طفولة متأخرة ادري

    • Ma6foog says:

      ياخوي اي طفوله والله وناااااااااسااااااااه …. انا عمري ٢٤ واخر مره رحت كان ديزني فرنسا كان عمري ٢٣ لعبنه لعب انا واخوي جنه خبول كل شي جربنه حته الحصن اللي يدورون لعبناهم ههه والله الكبار اكثر من الصغار كله فوق ال٢٦ هناك حتى الشياب يلعبون
      روح عمي لا يهمك احد الى الامام الى امام ثوره ثوره

      • buzfairy says:

        الصراحة راحة يا مطفوق، و العمر بالقلب مو بالسنين… عسى انشاءالله تظل شذي دوم، قلبك يحب اللعب و الوناسة

        انا اشهد اني استانس عليهم الحين أكثر من يوم انا صغيرة

    • buzfairy says:

      عيشي ايامك وناسة و مرح

      و انشاءالله ينكتبلك اورلاندو

      و تراهم موجهين حدايقهم للكبار أكثر من الصغار لاسباب عديدة: احنا الي عندنا الفلوس ، و اذا استانسنا راح نطول اكثر، و مصرفنا عندهم عادة مفتوح مو مرتبط بمصروف يهال

  2. Ma6foog says:

    i am a big fan of disney lands and resorts .. never been to the ones in US but i went to Euro disney in paris like 6 times in one year
    2 times in one trip and other 4 like 1 on each trip
    loved the place the games are amazing and you never want to leave
    but one thing that bring you down …. the park close @ 6 or 7 pm 😦

    • buzfairy says:

      You should try going there around their 3eed wa6ani, or in summer months. They don’t close till 11, w elshams matgeeb ella 10.30 at night. Ya3ni aya bah 3al wanasa 🙂

  3. Monica says:

    We spent the day at DCA today and, Suprise! They were testing this ride (a slow open, they said) and taking feedback from people as they exited. I was really not impressed. It was nice to see it and hear the music, it totally takes you through the movie but it was not a dark ride, or as dark as Snow White or Peter Pan. In fact, it was too lit in there. There are sooo many clam buggies it’s kinda crazy. I mean, you look to your left and right and it’s like theater seating, they are just so close together. They also seem to move too fast, the whole ride felt really rushed. The good thing about this is that the line moved very fast, no wonder! There are too many animatronics in the ride, feels like “It’s a Small World”, KWIM? Lots of animatronics dancing to music but no “surprises” like other rides. I give it an 8.

    • buzfairy says:

      How lucky r u to get to try a brand new ride? and get ur opinion counted too 😀 that’s pretty lucky 🙂

      If the cars r too close, then that might be a little dangerous, especially in the dark.

      I’m sure Disney’s people will incorporate everyone’s remarks in improving the ride before it officially opens. Again, ur super lucky u got to try something brand new, and before it’s officially launched 🙂

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