Barca Beat Man United 3:1 in Champions League!/buzfairy/status/74532376021188609

حسافة… شان زين قايلة ١:٣ و الحكم شاهد، شان الحين تلفون فيفا بمخباتي

Visca Barca & Hardluck Man U همن ألف مبروك، كفاية برشا فاز و مانو خسر… هاردلك مان يونايتد


Viva Barca

Barca is playing against Man United tonight at 9.45 pm, in the Champions League Finale.

Viva Barca inshalla; though their game is tough, coz its held at Wembley Stadium, London.

Update: Barca beat Man United 3:1.

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What Do You Think of the Name?

This just doesn’t feel right, using religion to name a restaurant.

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