Amy Winehouse: Drunk or High? آيمي واينهاوس مشعللة؟

أمبيه، تكسر الخاطر…. مشكلتها مع المخدرات عويصة، و ما أتوقع بتطلع منها بسهولة. صارلها فوق السنتين تتعالج، بدون فايدة… حسافة عليها، كانت من المواهب الرهيبة الصاعدة

This was Amy House’s first concert in ages, it happened in Belgrade, and this is what  watcher had to say:

The beginning of an incredibly strange set Amy Winehouse did at the start of her European tour in Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park. As you can see, she immediately hugs the guitarist, appears a bit dizzy, takes ages to take off her shoes for no apparent reasons, tosses a shoe on one of the backing vocalists and delivers a half-spoken version of Just Friends.

I sure as heck hope she’s OK. This was heartbreaking. :/


11 Responses to Amy Winehouse: Drunk or High? آيمي واينهاوس مشعللة؟

  1. virgo says:

    Loooool…iltarjamaaa tethb7 :p …pleeease use simple English or make it standardised Arabic leana kilish moo layeg…sorry bas hathaa rayee

    • buzfairy says:

      I think i got rayyich loud and clear…. the word i wanted might not have been emsha3lela, but honestly, i forget what u call a drunking druggi in 3arabi or kwti

  2. virgo says:

    U could say: mudmin 3ala ilmukhadarat w al ko7oleyaat

  3. virgo says:

    T9dgeeen bil lahja ilkuwaitia maafii shay =high..bil3araabi tgdreen tgoleen hathayaan or ertekhaa2 heheheh

  4. Lulu says:

    I think ur translation is great.. I love it 😉

  5. in_love_with_laguna says:

    انجليزي أو عربي فاهمين الكلام 🙂
    و الي مو فاهم هذي مشكلته يمكن إستيعاب بطيء

    • buzfairy says:

      That was just a friend being “too cute” 😉

      She finished men el ask, and still think’s it’s cute tetkalam 3arabi… U shud watch her order men ma6a3em, she on purpose etkalem el kil 3arabi… Even though she speaks fluent american 😉
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  6. in_love_with_laguna says:

    دام إن فريند
    خلاص 🙂

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