Excellent News From VIVA تفائلوا بالخير ياعملاء فيفا


Everyone around me knows how loyal of a client I am to Zain, for almost 20 years now; but that has never stopped me from criticizing them. Zain, being the 1st ever mobile operator in Kuwait had a million advantages over its competitors, and was able to rule the market in terms of # of clients, geographical reach, coverage… etc.

All of this said, it shouldn’t deter the other Telecom companies from trying to provide better services in Kuwait. For example, I’ve always had problems with VIVA’s coverage in a lot of areas; like chale, wafra, and the airport. No matter how great VIVA is in offers, customer service, and honesty; if their network doesn’t work, not a lot of people are going to stick with them.

That’s why this new tweet by VIVA’s CEO is making me super optimistic. According to Mr. Salman Al-Badran, VIVA’s coverage issues will all be solved before the end of the month. That is like music to my ears.

I know I am from that kind of people who look at change with suspicious eyes, which is the main reason why I’m stuck with super expensive & poor customer service Zain for almost 2 decades. But still, I would love to have a VIVA phone that works anywhere I am in inside of Kuwait; be it chale, Garrouh, Wafra, or anywhere else.

Excellent news VIVA. I’m looking forward to your complete coverage, may you have great luck in this endeavor.


4 Responses to Excellent News From VIVA تفائلوا بالخير ياعملاء فيفا

  1. ims85 says:

    They are so late, after I was with them like 2 years since they started in Kuwait, I changed my line to Wataniya 2 months ago. :/

    • buzfairy says:

      I can understand your frustration…. VIVA had terrible coverage right from the start, not that wa6aniya is a7san menhum; wa6aniya’s internet sux in chale when compared to Zain.

      And that is the problem, Zain has always been better than wa6aniya & VIVA, even though their customer service and pricing were bad.

      For a Telecom Co. coverage and consistency of service are the utmost important factors. And I do feel VIVA wasn’t up to an acceptable coverage level in Kuwait.

      • ims85 says:

        Trust me all telecommunications are bad in Kuwait, Wataniya the coverage now started to be very bad, every time I pass a bridge of traffic light, the line got disconnected! Why? I have no idea, and when you call the customer service they will answer you after 1 hour! Even if you call them at 3 am!!!!!!! Am sure they are sleeping! Or not in mood to answer a late call!

        Viva I had a very bad experience with them although the customer serve is perfect! Once you call they answer, but I couldn’t handle it anymore!, every time the line gets disconnected where ever I go, even at my room!, like come on do I need to leave home and talk on the roads, so I had enough and went to Wataniya, now am facing also bad experience with them.

        I have no experience with Zain tell now!

      • buzfairy says:

        Sorry to tell you this, but Zain are the best, in terms of coverage, service, and problem solving…. As long as you’re happy paying for hidden and or understandable charges.

        I use Zain’s Ego in Chale, and once it wasn’t working. I had a few importnat emails to send, so I borrowed my friend’s wa6aniya’s usb stick. I couldn’t believe how terrible the connection was. With Zain, I’m used to speeds of 500-750, but with wa6aniya, I was lucky if I got 1.5.

        That is how Zain is much better than anyone else in Kuwait.

        Oh, and don’t even try to have a VIVA or wa6aniya line work when you’re out at sea, or in the desert.

        This is why most people ignore Zain’s crappy service and ridiculous overcharges. It’s because of the super coverage all over Kuwait, sea or land. Also keep in mind that their 107 service is almost close to perfect, I can’t find a thing to compliant about with their 107 service; except perhaps for the need for me to physically go to a branch to cancel a particular service. But that isn’t very terrible IMO.

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