I’m Addicted to This Game

iSlash is an addictive iPhone game to tune up your ninja senses. Your finger is your weapon. Swipe to slash and have fun!

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My Baby After it’s Bath


What a royal shame. The day I decide to give my baby a good scrubbing is the day we get 40 km\hr dust winds. Look at my baby. There isn’t a trace of cleanliness anywhere on it.

But seriously speaking. I am more interested in its interior cleanliness; seat washing, carpet shampooing, and all the rest of interior cleaning works. Well, I got the car back and it only cost me KD 20, which is  a damn great price. But hey, you get what you pay for.

Ok, here’s what I like: The seats, the carpets, the dashboard, and the steering wheel are all polished and shiny and back to their original colors; especially the carpets and seats. The wax scratches on the exterior are now gone; the car has a faint, but beautiful, shiny body. I love the price and the fast friendly service. They even asked us to get the car back to them when the dust settles down, so that they could give it a good polish.

Now here’s what I didn’t like: The seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and A\C vents are all greasy and shiny; they look like they’ve been oiled. And the car has a weird “air freshener” smell. For someone who hates perfume and only likes great quality dehen 3oud; I found the smell sickening.

I’m going to need a couple of good clothes and a vacuum to get over those small negative stuff, and I’m hoping that the smell will fade away in a day or so.

Sorry I couldn’t get any interior pics, the weather is just too damn dusty. I’ll update the post with interior pics once I get the chance to.

The United Nations Development Program Is Now in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, 28 June (UNDP Kuwait) – The United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait (UNDP Kuwait) has registered and launched its Twitter account at @UNDPKuwait.
The account is set to make information about the organization’s on-going projects available and create a forum from which the public can have an understanding of UNDP Kuwait’s work, aspirations, initiatives and goals.
The Twitter account can be found at: http://www.twitter.com/UNDPKuwait
UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges. As they develop local capacity, they draw on the people of UNDP and our wide range of partners.
You can get in touch with UNDP-Kuwait online, via their twitter account, or by contacting their communications specialist, Mr. Nasser Al-Qatami.

The UNDP is an important, prestigious, and internationally respected organization. I feel so proud that Kuwait has now joined in on the program. All the best to the Kuwaiti team.
Thanks to Nasser Al-Qatami for the press release.

من يدافع عنا؟

ميزانية الكويت التاريخية الضخمة اللي مادري على شنو بتنصرف مبلغها الإجمالي ١٩.٥ مليار دينار

فيما بلغت خسارة البورصة في خلال ٣ شهور فقط ٤.٥ مليار دينار… يعني لو بنكمل على هالمنوال، بتكون خسارة الناس بالبورصة تعادل بالضبط  نفس ميزانية الكويت السنوية الضخمة و التاريخية

الدولة و تجني فلوسها من بيع النفط، الله يديمه عليها انشاءالله… انزين، و الناس؟ يبيعون شنو؟ من وين يبيبون فلوسهم؟

معقولة في بلد بالعالم تخلي مواطنينها و شركاتها يخسرون مبلغ يعادل الميزانية السنوية القومية للدولة، و بدون مايكون لها أي ردة فعل أو خطة إنقاذ؟

خافوا ربكم، هذا حلال أوادم، حلال أهلكم و أخوانكم

مافيكم يالوزراء و النواب أحد يحاتينا؟ مافيكم أحد يحط يطق جرس الخطر و يقدم حلول؟

عيب عليكم

مصدر الميزانية و مصدر خسارة السوق


My Baby is Getting Washed Today

I haven’t ever gotten any of my cars detailed before, like in terms of shampoo washed seats, carpet, etc…. So I really don’t know if they do a good job here in Kuwait or not.

Anyways, I felt that this particular car, which I fondly call my baby, needed a really good wash. I take her with me through torturous beach and desert adventures. So it’s no wonder that it needs a good scrubbing.

A friend of mine took her to a washing station in Shuwaikh last night. I’m really nervous about the seat shampooing, because I don’t know if it’s going to negatively affect the leather when exposed to the hot Kuwaiti sun. I’m so scared that the leather will crack in the next few months, with Kuwait’s strenuous heat. Or that the carpets would smell of mold. I don’t know what to expect.

I’ll let you know how it goes. The garage needs a whole day to clean it.

The Oldest Bat Mobile

This 74 year-old grandfather spent weeks transforming his scooter into a Bat Mobile.

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I Want to be a Smurfette


If I was Smurfette (lady of Smurfs), I would get to wear LV, D&G, Lanvin, and Marc Jacobs. Checkout the Bazaar magazine of Lady Smurfette wearing couture.


You can also checkout the new Smurfs movie’s trailer here, and their Spanish village here.