My Baby is Getting Washed Today

I haven’t ever gotten any of my cars detailed before, like in terms of shampoo washed seats, carpet, etc…. So I really don’t know if they do a good job here in Kuwait or not.

Anyways, I felt that this particular car, which I fondly call my baby, needed a really good wash. I take her with me through torturous beach and desert adventures. So it’s no wonder that it needs a good scrubbing.

A friend of mine took her to a washing station in Shuwaikh last night. I’m really nervous about the seat shampooing, because I don’t know if it’s going to negatively affect the leather when exposed to the hot Kuwaiti sun. I’m so scared that the leather will crack in the next few months, with Kuwait’s strenuous heat. Or that the carpets would smell of mold. I don’t know what to expect.

I’ll let you know how it goes. The garage needs a whole day to clean it.


3 Responses to My Baby is Getting Washed Today

  1. Hafsa says:

    You should have tried the Waless waterless washing service..they are awesome with the detailing and seats and all…and eco friendly also!

    • buzfairy says:

      I read a lot of reviews bloggers had made, and it just made my head spin.

      Anyways, i got my car back…. I’m not that impressed to tell u the truth…. I mean it’s clean and shiny and all that…. But it’s just too shiny

      And it’s greasy everywhere, and it now smells funny.

      I’ll just have to take a couple of wash cloths and go over everything inside it, when the weather gets better…. But as of now, I’m not very impressed.

      I thought they would clean the car with shampoo and stuff…. But I now think they only used polishing agents, which I didn’t want to use from the first place!!!

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