Lotus Car in Kuwait


This is the first time I see a Lotus in Kuwait.


Yummy Yummy

I can never resist a Johnny Rockets Apple Pie Ala Mode, especially in these hot months.

For me, it has got to be one of the best apple pies in Kuwait. I don’t think I’m tasted one this good here.

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When is ShakeShack Opening?

I heard ShakeShack is opening up anyday now. Anyone knows when exactly? I want to plan it into my weekend.

Update: ShakeShack is now open in Avenues, phase one.

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Do You Want to Wake Up to This?

A friend sent me this pic, she took it on her way to work this morning, in 3dailiya.

I don’t know who’s at fault here. Did the garbage collectors not come? Wela did the people pile up their garbage even though collection is still more than 12 hours away?

Whatever it is. Haven’t they heard of garbage bags? They could’ve easily put the trash into bags, then stuffed them into cartoon boxes, and put them on the side of the black bins.

That way, it wouldn’t have been visually offensive.

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