Had the Best Steak Sandwich at Quiznos Kuwait

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I just had one of the best steak sandwiches ever, at the newly opened Quiznos in Salmiya. I had heard about the place from Mark.

Quiznos has an extensive menu of beef\chicken\tuna\cheese sandwiches (both italian and flat bread ones), soups and salads. There were three of us and we all ordered steak-based sandwiches; all with different combinations, breads and sauces. And we all loved our sandwiches. I loved it so much, I ordered an extra sandwich to go.

What’s so good about Quiznos is that the whole sandwich is grilled to order, right in front of you. And what I personally liked was their unique and tasty sauces. This is why I loved Quiznos so much. They had a great selection; like peppercorn, chipotle, bourbon mustard, garlic sauce, ranch, and honey mustard.

We also ordered two kinds of soup and two kinds of salad. I wouldn’t order them again, just because the sandwiches were so amazing and filling on their own. We ended the meal with some of the best cookies I’ve ever had in Kuwait, especially the chocolate chip one. We all fought for them, they were really good.

We also got to meet the owner; Mr. Abul-Lateef Al-Se3eed, who gave us a complimentary salad. He let us in on a little secret: the bread is not made in Kuwait! That’s why it’s so tasty. The softness and quality of the bread is what first impresses you with that first bite.

He also told us of another secret: they’re opening a takeout\delivery branch in Qurtoba by 3eed time, in addition to a Mahboula branch towards the year end. That’s great news, because Salmiya is too far for some of us. Super great ood luck Abdul-Lateef, may you have the best of success.

We had ordered 2 small soups, 2 small salads, 2 small sandwiches, one large sandwich, 2 cokes, one iced-tea, and 3 cookies; for KD 9.850.

You can find Quiznos on Salem Al-Mubarak St., behind Olympia Mall and in the same building as Buffalos. Their Tel # is 2574-9660, and you can also find them on Twitter at Quiznos_kw.

I apologize for the quality of the pics, I didn’t have my camera with me, and I didn’t know the iPhone4 was this bad. All the pics looked great when I took them, they just turned bad when I viewed them on the computer. Go figure. Sorry anyways.


4 Responses to Had the Best Steak Sandwich at Quiznos Kuwait

  1. ansam518 says:

    Yabeela Quizno’s SOON!!!

  2. Om Totta says:


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