Iron Lady Movie Trailer بطلة الكويت المرأة الحديدية مارغريت تاتشر

 شكل الفيلم بيكون روعة… ميريل ستريب فنانة ساحرة، و ماخيبت ظنوننا بفيلم المرأة الحديدية: مارغريت ثاتشر، بطلة تحرير الكويت

الفيلم بينزل بالسينما يوم ١٦ ديسمبر انشاءالله

ما تتصورون مارغريت ثاتشر تستاهل نسمي منطقة عليها؟ أو جامعة جديدة؟  تتصورون أحد بيرضى لو أقترح هالشي مثلا؟ ودي من قلب أشوف هالشي

I really can’t wait to see our beloved hero, Margaret Thatcher. And it definitely looks like Meryl Streep has done her justice, and more. The trailer looks awesome. Oh my my… Here’s the official Iron Lady movie site.


3 Responses to Iron Lady Movie Trailer بطلة الكويت المرأة الحديدية مارغريت تاتشر

  1. Virgo says:

    Disagree..fiii naaas awlaaaa nsami showaare3na w jam3atna eb asameeehum

    • buzfairy says:

      Aha, really? Who would they be, might I ask?

      When we were here in Kuwait, looking at the Iraqi troops, tanks, helicopters and thinking they were ours; only to get shocked discovering they were Iraqi invaders….. When we were glued to radios, foolishly expecting EVERYONE to stand by Kuwait, only to get shocked and betrayed by most of our country “friends” who supported our demise as a nation.

      When Thatcher, from day one, spoke so strongly and confidently about our legitimate and righteous cause of Kuwaiti sovereignty and independence and liberation…. Giving a lot of us in Kuwait incredible and REAL hope that our ordeal was temporary, and that there were STRONG POWERFUL nations out there supporting our cause.

      Who do you think is more worthy of the leader of THIS WESTERN STRONG POWER, whom has supported the liberation of kuwait since day one?

      I would love to know. Enlighten us if you may.

  2. Virgo says:

    shfficch em3aasbaa ;p
    kint agsid people from Kuwait …mathalan shuhada or Kuwaitis who have fought for Kuwait and worked hard for it ..akkeeed ohma awla

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