Egypt Misses Mubarak مصر بدون مبارك

It didn’t take the military long to get back to their old tricks. A lot of people hated how I wasn’t against Hussni Mubarak during the Egyptian revolution: in my opinion, he was better than all the other Arab leaders whom were facing the same uprises in their countries (namely Tunis & Libya). He respected his people. He did not use the armed forces against them. And he left power peacefully.

It doesn’t take much to know that I was in the minority. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t respect Mubarak’s statement when he said that he’ll never ever leave Egypt no matter what.

And he didn’t. He is facing a humiliating and biased legal battle, in which he was stripped of all his presidential respect & honor. And yet, he is still in Egypt.

I’m really sad to hear of this recent military warning towards Egyptian citizens. I do feel that the people should wait till at least after the new elections to start protesting again. Then again, these were the same people who for 30 years were super silent and accepting of all “atrocities and injustices” dealt to them. Now all of a sudden, they find themselves drunk in their joy and euphoria of overthrowing the Tyrant. Now that they had a taste of power, they will be protesting Every Single Thing, from now on.

I bet a lot of people are feeling nostalgic to the old Mubarak days. My opinion will always be VIVA Mubarak.

To read the full article, head over to Al-Jareeda.


2 Responses to Egypt Misses Mubarak مصر بدون مبارك

  1. Nivine says:

    you do recall our conversation regarding this issue, its a pity, as right nw Egypt is a mess, unfortunately they proved Mubarrak right as he did warn that his stepping dwn would bring about chaos … lets hope they manage to turn it around real swiftly!….

    • buzfairy says:

      Exactly, people should not abuse the final words of a respected leader.

      I have always said that Egypt is nit Tunis, Libya, or Syria.

      They should have treated Mubarak better.

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