My Late Midsummer Night Snack



Thinking of summer snacks, there’s nothing tastier than a bowl of berries topped with creamy frozen chocolate mousse.

I went to the Jam3iya wanting to buy frozen English berries (in terms of taste, they’re the best) and some ready made chocolate mousse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I settled for this bag of Raspberries and some chocolate pudding instead.

They still tasted good, especially after I threw the pudding in the freezer for an hour, but the snack would’ve been a lot better with great berries and strong thick chocolate mousse.

Just remember to dip your frozen berries in water, then strain them into your bowl .Otherwise, they will look ugly, and the icicles will melt to water and mix with your mousse.



6 Responses to My Late Midsummer Night Snack

  1. thetriple_f says:

    for me i would add some chocolate cake and it will be perfect
    thanx for sharing

    • buzfairy says:

      I could totally see sara Lee’s Vanilla pound cake as a delicious base to this dessert.

      This was a super easy thing to do, and actually tasted better than if I just ate a chocolate bar…. BUt if yoy’re going to make this, try to get english berries. The ones I used here had a very weak taste…. And get choco mousse and not pudding too 😉

  2. enigma says:

    this looks so yummy,, what kind of chocolate mousse do you use?

  3. Nivine says:

    this is my weakness! I love raspberries topped by chocolate mousse.. I will share with u a fantastic choc pudding recipe, easy that u can do at home…just love hw berries marry chocolate in such a harmonious way…absolutely love it :***

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