Cats playing patty-cake

Very very cute.


Pics of Dogs Smiling



I never knew dogs smiled. My friend’s dog gave me a little smile today, and that got me thinking if other dogs smiled too. When I googled it, it turned out that dogs smile all the time. And they all look very adorable and cute.

The Barking Cat نباح قطوة

صور الشيخ محمد بن راشد و الشيخ حمدان/فزاع في سباق رويال اسكوت للخيل

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يحليلهم باللباس الانجليزي الرسمي، لا و مع الكبوس بعد

لاحظتوا انه الأميرة هيا اهي اللي شايلة الشمسية في وحدة من الصور؟

Super Cool Hunting Rifles Store

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What first caught my attention was the red anti-assult suit. It was bright red, shiny, and so beautiful. I just had to stop and take a closer look.

That’s when I saw the amazing real stuffed animals. There was an eagle, a bear, a pelican, and a fox. So I popped by head in, and asked if these were real animals. They turned out to be real, dead but very real. And for sale too.

I went off to finish what I had to do in that area. But on my way back to my car, I decided to take a closer look at the store.

They had the most amazing collection of cool stuff. The had a lot of BB guns, air rifles, shotguns, hunting stuff, camping stuff, dead stuffed animals, gun cleaning kits, telescopes, and a whole bunch of other cool things. Their hunting, camping, and rifle accessory collection is very impressive.

The store’s name is Negochi, and they’re located in Farwaniya on the 6th Ring Rd, in the same building as the OSN shop, and adjacent to the Sony service center. If you keep OSN’s door on your left, then Negochi would be in the same line, just ahead of you. Their phone numbers are: 97997516 – 97620999 – 97238543

Has Anyone Lost a Dog Recently?

On my way back from the movie last night, around 1.30 in the morning, I saw a brown dog running across the 2nd ring road, from Faiha and into Da7ya.

He was brown and hairy, with short legs and a long body. I tried to look for him for more than 10 minutes, but by the time the traffic light turned green; I had already lost track of him.

I hope this would help the person who lost him. At least you know that your dog is in Da7ya, and is in a healthy condition. Good luck looking for him\her inshalla.

Cat Eating Watermelon

Ouch, Funny, and a Bit of Animal Cruelty الضب دايما يفوز

هالصبي ما شاف شلون ادلع قطوتي…. لول