Protect Your BlackBerry Remotely

Now you can protect your BlackBerry device remotely in case you lose it or it gets stolen. You can locate your BlackBerry phone, lock its data, and even backup some of its data with this new service. I found the icon right on my home menu, but you can download it for free from BB World App Store.


Angry Birds for Blackberry Phones

There’s a game called Angry Farms, just like Angry Birds, but for the Blackberry.

Here’s the direct link to Angry Farms. Update: Here’s a new link.

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4Shared App for BlackBerry

4Shared has a new app for Blackberry phones. You can search and download songs directly from your BB, and in less than a minute.

Just go to 4Shared from your BB, and download the app from there.

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Testing Posting Multiple Pics using WP for BlackBerry

Usually, the bb doesn’t allow me to pick more than one picture per post. But somehow this morning, it’s letting me.

So I posted 3 random pics, of organic soft drinks we had at Fuel Burger in Dubai. The drinks were awful btw.

Now let’s see how they look when posted. What I’m interested in is the layout of the pics. Will they be organized, and other stuff like that.

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BlackBerry services will NOT be suspended in the UAE

A couple of months ago, the UAE had threatened to suspend all BlackBerry services, if the manufacturer RIM didn’t apply local security measures. The UAE gave local Telecom companies a two month period to enforce the BB ban.

Luckily, RIM was able to apply all required security measures, and thus the BB service will not be banned in the UAE.

Great news to everyone, living in or traveling to the UAE.

Breaking News: Blackberry’s PlayBook is out

A few days ago, I told you that RIM was about to announce a new gadget to compete with Apple’s own iPad. The new gadget is called PlayBook, and it was announced today.

  • PlayBook will be available in the states early 2011, and around the world in Q2 2011.
  • It has a 7″ touch screen, is able to multi task, and is able to run Flash 10.
  • 2 cameras, one 3 MP and one 5 MP, with a video output of 1080.
  • HDMI outlet.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Micro HDMI and micro USB for charging and what not.
  • 3G and 4G will be coming in the future.

The price hasn’t been announced yet. You can check PlayBook’s features more closely here and here.

PlayBook’s advantage over the iPad is its ability to multitask, to play Flash content, the dual cameras, and the HDMI and micro USB points.

Blackberry is releasing Black Pad to compete with the iPad

Could this be true? Reports are circulating around the net, that Blackberry’s Black Pad could be announced next week, and released in Q4 of this year. It’ll have a 7″ screen, with one or two cameras, bluetooth and wi-fi.

I really don’t know if this is true. I, personally, would take this news with a huge grain of salt. I guess we just have to wait and see if the news turn out to be true.

API login and authentication failure and log in error for Twitter on BB and iPhone

Are you getting an API login error messages and authentication failure with Twitter? You’re not the only one, and nothing wrong with your twitter account, and the answer is very simple.

Twitter have changed the login method for mobile devices starting Sept 1; on the iPhone, iTouch, Android, BB, iPad starting Sep 1st.  Twitter used to allow 3rd party applicatios to store username and password externally, but they changed that policy, all info will remain with twitter all the time. Applications had plenty of time to adjust, and most work just fine. My tough luck got me Twitterific and the BB’s twitter T, one of the few that didn’t work.

  • If you try to login, it won’t let you. You’ll get the message in the pic above.
  • Every application has to be authorized by you. Problem is the settings tab doesn’t have any applications to approve anyway, even if you wanted to.

After spending a couple of hours searching and reading, I got to the solution:

  • All you have to do is update the applications. It works on all Apple products and BB.
  • Problem is the App store will tell you everything is up to date, so you will have to go around it. What you do on the iPod and iPad is just delete whatever twitter application you’re using, then just install it again from the App store. That’s it.
  • As for the BB, it’s takes just a little bit longer. But really, all you have to do is download the twitter application again, using the browser on your BB. Install it, it’ll ask you if it’s OK to replace the old version. Click OK, restart the phone, and your done.
  • The same principle should apply to Android phones, but I wouldn’t know, I don’t have an Android.

I got everything to work again, but it did give me a much un-needed headache before I figured it out. Here’s Twitter’s support page, it explains the problem, but doesn’t help much with the solution. Problem name is OAuth or something terrible like that. I’m just glad everything works again.

Now if only someone can tell me where the hell is the New Lulu Hyper market is? Tweet me here. I really want to go there!