Do You Want More Arabic or English Posts? شنو تفضلون، بوستات عربي والا انجليزي؟

ماقط طرى على بالي انه قراء البلوق يبون بوستات أكثر بالعربي. انا أدري اني تقريبا كل بوستاتي من سويت البلوق تكون بالانجليزي، الا فيما ندر. فخطر على بالي أسأل القراء شنو يفضلون

ّI haven’t really thought about this before, but it just occurred to me that some readers might not enjoy my blog, on the account of me posting almost exclusively in English. It got me to think if some readers also preferred that I post in Arabic too.


I’m liking VIVA More & More

Remember that dinner party VIVA threw for bloggers last week, to launch the new VIVA\Apple exclusive iPhone4 deal? Where it also gave bloggers free new iPhone4s?

VIVA was very courteous and respectful to all attendees during that dinner. Everyone I know was impressed by VIVA, it’s CEO, and the super friendly VIVA staff.

Well, VIVA managed to add a new level of respect to that night. It took ads in today’s papers thanking bloggers for attending that dinner party. This is so sweet and nice of VIVA. VIVA is a huge corporation, and it’s a huge honor to be thanked by a company that big. It also shows VIVA’s respect to the new forms of media out there today.

Thank you VIVA. There was no need to thank us, it was really our pleasure to attend your dinner.

Note: I took the liberty to circle by blog in VIVA’s ad, to show it off from the rest. It’s not everyday my blog gets mentioned in the papers. So of course, it’s not really boxed like that in the real ad.

One of the Most Amazing Travel Blogs You’ll Ever Encounter travel blog is truly unique, and is 100% locally produced. It belongs to a young Kuwaiti man who is very worldly, liberal, well-travelled, a music guru, and just a damn fine good human being. And he also happens to have one of the most popular music blogs in the whole world, and the #1 MidEast blog, Loft965.

Naser Al-Qatami started his own-stand-alone travel blog, aptly called Flight965, around the beginning of the year. I’ve been an avid follower, though silent, right from the start. The blog reads like a magazine, and the layout is a very amusing. You scroll through posts horizentally versus the regular up-and-down motion we’re all used to.

Anyways, about the blog; it’s a great source for some real hands-on experience in far fetched travel destinations. Plus, the blog has some amazing categories, I love how they’re split up. You’ve got: Hotels, Gadgets, Destinations, Offers…etc. each category is definitely worthy of a lengthy visit.

Naser is a fan of travel. Let me correct that, is a HUGE FAN of travel. He’s already been to more than 50-60-70 countries so far, I lost count of how many countries he already visited. And has a great writing style, he really can describe his travel escapades in a very charming and engaging way, a way that will make you wish you went there too.

Check out this new blog. It’s already a huge success, and is being labeled as one of the best ME travel blogs\sites. This quote is from

So, bookmark it. Add it to your RSS feed. Follow the updates on Twitter. “Like” us on Facebook. is coming your way and it’s going to be big!

Btw, I’m counting on my dear travel loving readers; the likes of Laguna, Om Totta, Faith, New Vision, Nivine, Indes, and Babble for a proper site check up. Don’t worry, you won’t regret taking a gander look at Flight965. I haven’t 😉

Check out my previous praising here and here.

Learn How to Cook Italian with Carluccio’s

Just found out about Carluccio’s cooking tutorial session from Kuweight64.

The session will take place on April 16th, i.e. this Saturday, and will include breakfast at 9.30 followed by a cooking demonstration of three Italian dishes, at the cost of KD 15 per person, which is a steal in my opinion. Kuweight64 explains it better:

Dishes Chef Giulio Bringola would demonstrate how to make :
  1. Sicilian Caponata
  2. Panzero alla puglise
  3. Pizza di patata
It’s K.D. 15/- per person to attend the cookery demo on Saturday 16th April,which includes breakfast at 9.30 a.m, followed by cookery class at 10 am., and you shall be given a take away bag with all the ingredients to prepare the dishes by yourself as well as the recipe. Do book in advance to reserve your place to attend the cookery demonstration.
Contact : 60906372 (Mr. Sumesh, Restaurant Manager, Carluccio’s Restaurant) for more details or 22597310

Video Review of the W Hotel in Leicester Sq London


A few months ago, I had posted about the W Hotel opening in London’s Leicester Sq. One of my readers, Lisa Gusto, actually stayed in the hotel and posted a video review of the room.

Check out the amazing W Hotel and it’s room. I still can’t get my head out of that snack box, the stuff included there are mind boggling.

Prices start from £440 a night.

A Big Thank You to My Dear Friend BabbleQ8

My dear friend and fellow blogger, BabbleQ8, posted a special greeting in her blog congratulating me on my birthday.

I could not have been any happier when I saw her post. It is truly heart warming and touching to be surprised with such a beautiful thing, completely out of the blue.

As someone whom is in love with their birthday and the many ways to celebrate it, this special post of hers will stay in my mind and heart for a long time to come.

Thank you BabbleQ8…. You truly are a dear friend xoxoxo.

Thank you Dream GirlX!/dream_girlx/status/54614208578465793

Thank you so much Dream GirlX for the lovely shout out.

I was very happy withe my worldwide #1 post yesterday, so thank you so much for sharing my happiness.

Kuwait’s Online Census 2011

One of my friends’ kids is in the video above, and she’s really proud of her kid. Can you guess which kid we’re talking about? The mom is a fellow blogger too, btw.

And about the census, you can do your census online this year. Just click here and follow the instructions.