My Beach Buddies

Speakers, camera, drinks, book, beach, beautiful sea… These are all necessities of a great day.

I woke this morning to the unmistakable humidity smell. That spells a great beach day for me. A quick breakfast at McDonald’s seaside confirmed the perfect water. This meant chale and beach time.

With all the dust we’ve been getting, it’s a wonder to have a good beach day; so might as well enjoy it to the max whenever we can.

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Photography Competition by Kuwait Historic Cars Museum

The Historical, Vintage, and Classic Cars Museum is organizing a photography competition:

فئات المسابقة

يمكن للمتسابقين المشاركة بأي من فئات المسابقة و هي :

1-    أفضل صورة ملونة للسيارة

2-    أفضل صورة لشعار السيارة

3-    أفضل صورة بالأبيض و الاسود

4-    أفضل صورة من إختيار الجمهور – التصويت عليها من قبل الجمهور

قوانين المسابقة

–         آخر يوم للإشتراك بالمسابقة و تقديم الصور هو يوم الخميس 12 مايو 2011

–         ستعرض جميع الصور المشاركة بالمسابقة في صالة العرض الرئسية بالمتحف

–         ستعرض الصور من تاريخ 15 الي 28 مايو 2011

–         في يوم الأحد 29 مايو 2011 سيتم الإعلان عن الفائزين بالمسابقة و يتم تقديم الجوائز و التكريم للفائزين

–         سيتم عرض الصور الفائزة في قسم الصور في المتحف

–         باب المشاركة مفتوح لجميع المصورين

–         يجب على المشتركين تقديم صورة على الأقل (و ثلاث صور على الأكثر) للإشتراك بالمسابقة

Check out the Museum’s Facebook page for further details

My Experience with the Wireless Memory Card


A while back, like in October, I bought myself a 4GB wireless memory card for my camera. I got it from eXcite for KD 22, but never got around to using it till today.

I opened it up today, installed it on my laptop, and experimented a bit with it:

  • First thing you have to do is connect the memory card, via the enclosed card reader, to your laptop for initial setup.
  • Then you add a wireless network, which will be used to wirelessly transfer your photos from the camera to the laptop.
  • I had to update the card’s software, because the one that came with it back in October was now outdated.
  • You chose where you want to save the pictures. You can either pick iPhoto or in separate folders.
The rest is super easy. I took the card out of its reader, put it in my camera, and started shooting. As long as the Eye-Fi software is open on your computer, the picture transfer is instantaneous. After using the card for a while today, I couldn’t really see any major advantages to it. However, I think the card is good in the following situations:
  • If you don’t want to carry your card reader around all the time. With this wireless card, all you need is your laptop and wireless network to transfer pictures.
  • If you want to quickly add pictures, especially if all you want are the new ones you just took.

Birthday Present #1

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These were digital camera accessories that I really wanted and would love to have as a present for my birthday.

Thanks is definitely due to his&hersq8 for the excellent photojojo recommendations… Even though I still haven’t received my order, more than 2 weeks late, I may add.

World’s largest digital picture @ 152 Giga Pixel

This is the largest digital picture in the world, and it’s 152 Giga Pixel.

As you can see it’s a panoramic picture of the city of Rio de Janeiro, you can check out the picture here.

I zoomed in on the giant statue of Jesus (which isn’t even visible in the panoramic picture), just to give you an idea of how big this picture really is.

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Great offer on 50″ TV… Just wish it was a Sony

A great offer from From Essa Hussain Al-Yousifi. Buy a TV and get a digital camera too!

Rihanna’s Kodak Commercial

Watch the earth from above with the Falcons & Hawks