My Prize from the Baby Shower


I went to my friend’s baby shower today, and we played a few games there. This was my prize. Even though someone kept on stealing my prizes, smother someone kept giving me her prizes. Of course, those prizes got stolen too, but I did manage to hold on to this one.

I love candles, so I’m super happy this was what I won.


KFC 70’th Annivversary Specials

KFC has several special 70’th anniversary meals, at attractive prices of kd1.5.

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Happy 4th of July to All Our American Friends, From All Your Kuwaiti Friends

Happy 4th of July USA from Kuwait

Forgot to add: This goes out first to my dear dear friend snowinq8… Happy 4th of July darling xoxo

Artist of the Year? Best Dance Playlist Ever!

Pitbull seems to be the Sugar & Spice needed to transform up any bland song around these days.

Wow. Like super Double Wow. There isn’t a name in the music industry that hasn’t collaborated with Pitbull. From Usher to J.Lo to Enrique. Let me give you some huge examples. Pitbull is featured on some of the most amazing, popular, and successful songs of 2010/2011.

If you ever need to make a dance mix, all you have to do is put these following songs on your playlist; and you’ll have a great night of jamming. I guarantee you’ll sweat a bucket and have a ball, all at the same time.

Pitbull with Usher? “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”.

Pitbull with J.Lo? “On the Floor”.

Pitbull with Enrique? “I Like It”.

Pitbull with T-Pain? “Hey Baby”.

Pitbull in the Number One 2011 Hit, with Ne-Yo? “Give Me Everything, Tonight”.

Pitbull with BuNabeel & BuQutada? Akeed, bedoon kalam.

And of course the original, “Me No Speak No Americano (the Bon Bon)” song?

Please, just get all these songs onto one playlist, and jam till there’s no tomorrow. You have got to do it. I wish I had someone who would recommend playlists for me, bedoon ma3awwer rasi. So, yala go ahead and make a new upbeat\dance mix.

Happy Birthday Kuwait كل عام و انتي بخير ياكويت

اليوم يصادف الذكرى ال٥٠ لاستقلال الكويت… كل عام و انتي بخير ياكويت 

Today is Kuwait’s Golden Jubilee. Long Live Kuwait.

**Happy Birthday to My Dear B**


Alf Happy Birthday and best birthday wishes to my dear friend B. And wishing her a great year, full of joy and happiness and fun.

Watch the Promo for Oprah’s Surprise Farewell Show

Ok, what or who is the surprise? We’ve already seen President Obama come on the show, we’ve also seen Oprah’s half sister, who\what else can be bigger surprise?

Click here to see some of the VIP guests attending Oprah’s show finale.

Beyonce on Oprah’s Farewell Show

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Oprah is ending her 25-year talk show this year, the May 25th episode will be her last. There’s also going to be a special two-day pre-farewell episode, with a whole lot of celebrities joining in to say goodbye to her.

We’re talking Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Diane Sawyer, Maya Angelou, Hale Berry, Maria Shriver, Michael Jordan,Tom Cruise, Katy Holmes, Simon Cowell, Dakota Fanning, and many many more. Oh, and Madonna.

This vid is a sneak peak at the special pre-farewell show. Would you just look at that crowd. Wow. It looks like a concert crowd. There’s got to be at least 50,000 people there.

This clip isn’t from the final farewell episode, this is from the special two-part pre farewell. The final episode is a surprise, not even Oprah knows what’s on it.

Even though I don’t watch Oprah frequently or even often, I still get mesmerized and entertained by her whenever I catch her show. I don’t think there’s a better talk show host. Even Ellen, as good and funny as she is, doesn’t come anywhere close to Oprah’s magical talent.

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