Why Don’t We Look This Good When Photographed?

This is Shia LaBeouf, who OLiver Stones said about: “LaBeouf is no Brad Bitt”. The guy is ugly in real, but casts “a spell when filmed”. I want to be like that. Don’t get me wrong, I look super fine in photographs if I might say so myself; but video wise, that’s one whole other story. I wana be just like Shia LaBeouf, cast a spell in videos, lolz.

Below is the famous LaBeouf “sans” the charisma just look at that fat nose and bulging brows for God’s sake.


I Gota Say Bieber is Cute


My Favorite Version of Gaga’s “Born This Way” فيديو مخصوص لعشاق ليدي غاغا


آآآآآّ يا قلبي، مع اني أعترف إنه ليدي غاغا شوي صعب الواحد يبلعها، أظل أموت عليها…. و هاذي المسخرة الجديدة على أغنيتها المشهورة “بورن ذز واي” أكثر من عجيبة، يبيلكم تسمعونها، ماراح اتحسفون

I have got to say this; as much as I love Lady GaGa, this new “Born This Way” parady is more than hilarious… Don’t miss it, listen till the end….. You have got to love the part where they go: “Coz Everyday is Halloween…… For Me“, EPIC!

This is the original Version هذي الأغنية الأصلية

Amy Winehouse: Drunk or High? آيمي واينهاوس مشعللة؟

أمبيه، تكسر الخاطر…. مشكلتها مع المخدرات عويصة، و ما أتوقع بتطلع منها بسهولة. صارلها فوق السنتين تتعالج، بدون فايدة… حسافة عليها، كانت من المواهب الرهيبة الصاعدة

This was Amy House’s first concert in ages, it happened in Belgrade, and this is what  watcher had to say:

The beginning of an incredibly strange set Amy Winehouse did at the start of her European tour in Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park. As you can see, she immediately hugs the guitarist, appears a bit dizzy, takes ages to take off her shoes for no apparent reasons, tosses a shoe on one of the backing vocalists and delivers a half-spoken version of Just Friends.

I sure as heck hope she’s OK. This was heartbreaking. :/

Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages اشرايكم بصورة توم كروز بشكل روك ستار؟

انا للحين أذكر توم كروز من أفلامه القديمة مثل: توب غن، كوكتيل، الرابع من يوليو، راين مان….  أيام ماكان خوش ولد، و قبل لا يجن و ينط على قنفة أوبرا و يشترك بكنيسة المجانين اللي اسمها ساينتولوجي…. كان ذهبة بأيام الأول، حسافة عليه

الأخ العزيز قاعد يمثل في فيلم جديد اسمه روك أوف أيجز، مع مجموعة كبيرة من الممثلين المشهورين من طقة آليك بولدوين و راسل براند و كاثرين زيتا جونز، بالإضافة الى المغنية الأمريكية المشهورة ماري جي بلايج….. الفيلم تحت التصوير حاليا و سوف يتم عرضه الصيف القادم انشاءالله

عموما، الفيلم الجديد مقتبس من المسرحية الغنائية المشهورة بنفس الاسم، و اهي حاليا تعرض على مسارح برودواي منذ عام ٢٠٠٦، و سوف يتم عرضها في لندن ابتداء من سبتمبر الياي

This is the first picture of Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in the new movie, Rock of Ages, which is based on the best-selling broadway musical of the same name. The movie is currently under production, and will be shown summer of next year. Alic Baldwin, Russell Brand, Catherine Zita Jones, and Mary J. Blaije are all on the movie.

Angelina Jolie’s LV Ad

This is Angelina Jolie’s ad for LV, and she’s not wearing any makeup, and it’s shot on location in Cambodia where she does a lot of charity work. And she’s wearing her own clothes too! She looks great mashalla.

Cristiano Ronaldo Might Go to Manchester City in a Record Deal

Al-Qabas, page 57

Madrid: Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is keen to hear from Manchester City – if they’re willing to pay him 400,000-a-week pounds!

The Sunday Mirror says the Real Madrid superstar is bragging to friends that he is wanted by City’s Abu Dhabi-based owner Sheikh Mansour as he strives to make the Blues football’s No.1 club.

Ronaldo has told confidantes in Manchester that someone connected to the Sheikh’s ­family has contacted him informally with a mindblowing package that is tempting the former  Manchester United hero to move to Eastlands.

However, last night City  insisted that no approach had been made by them or on their behalf. Ronaldo has put together a list of astonishing demands if he was to return to England.

The Portuguese star told a friend:

– He wants 400k pounds a week.

– The No.7 shirt and captain’s armband.

– A guarantee that he will always be the club’s highest paid player.

The 26-year-old forward has claimed that City would have to pay Real a near 100 per cent profit on the 80 million pounds world record transfer fee they paid to United for him two years ago.

And Ronaldo believes that City would pay him a 350,000 pounds-a-week basic wage with a bonus and image rights package that would see his earnings soar even higher.

However, he wants 400,000 pounds a week.

A source close to Ronaldo  confirmed: “Cristiano says there has been contact ­ between him and a third party. He says that he is extremely flattered at the lengths they’re willing to go to.

“He claimed that they will pay him what it takes to make him a Manchester City player.

“He says he wants 400k pounds as taxes are higher in England.”


Shania Twain Falls Down

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