My Review of Comedy Night at Dasman Center

This is one more video from tonight’s charity comedy night at the Dasman Diabetic Center. It’s about guys and girls sharing an elevator ride in Kuwait. There was a whole scene before this vid, but I sadly didn’t shoot it. I’m really bummed out that I didn’t take more videos, but I was way too busy laughing to think about that then.

My review of the night is that it was Hilarious, it rocked. Do it again, and soon.

Mohammad Aqwa, the guy with the goattie in this video was super hilarious right from the start. Basshar Al-Jazzaf & Ahmad Waleed were were a good funny comedic duet; though I did think Basshar was funnier.

We got to see local comedian Huda Ma3rafi, whom was a blast. She was fresh, funny, and light. Her mom was in the audience, sitting right behind us, and she was laughing harder than anyone oat her daughter’s racy jokes. You go girl. Huda Rocks. Sorry I didn’t a video fo Huda’s segment, but I’m hoping she would have a few videos lying around online.

The main reason I went tonight, was for a chance to see Saudi comedian, Fahad Al-Butairi perform live. But, honestly, from what I’ve seen, our local comedians can easily fill up an audience all on their own (no offense Fahad).

Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, creator and the 99 comic characters. He was there in his clinical psychologist capacity, and not as a respected comics author. Though what he had to say wasn’t a part of the comedy night, it was still enlightening, educational, and beneficial. I loved the way he talked, and I might, just might, go see him in other lectures. He was no boring at all. He’s got great charisma.

I had a lovely time tonight, it was very refreshing, and a complete change from the regular bore Kuwaiti activities. 


Fahad Al-Butairi at Laugh for Life Comedy Night at Dasman Center

Fahad Al-Butairi was part of the Laugh for Life comedy night at Dasman Diabetic Center. Check the vid from minute 2, it just cracked me up so much.

The video was shot and uploaded using the iPhone4 VIVA gave me.

Come Watch Saudi Comedian Fahad Al-Butairi Perform in Kuwait


Fahad Al-Butairi is coming to perform in Kuwait this weekend as part of Laugh for Life comedy night, this Wednesday and Thursday. In Your Face and Huda Ma3rafi are also part of the comedy show, click here for details.

Tickets for the Wednesday show have already sold out, but I was lucky to get tickets for Thursday. If you want to go, then I suggest you act quick. This was posted on their Facebook page a half hour ago:

‎*** 20 Tickets left for Thursday Showing ***
Purchasing online has ended, deliveries are still ongoing
Call this number to order your ticket: 99936360

Kuwait lel7een eb5air

A Kuwaiti named 3ayed Hatlan Al-3azmi donated money to establish a new Physio Therapy hospital in Adan Medical Area.

Yezak allah alf 5air yal3azmi w yj3allah men meezan a3malik inshalla.

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Janet Jackson Barbie doll

Janet Jackson has a one of a kind Barbie doll made after her, called Divinely Janet, and will be auctioned off to charity.

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Bayt Abdullah is now recruiting

Bayt Abdullah, the place where sick children live in with their families during their last few days on this earth, is now recruiting. This would be a very charitable job, where you get paid in both money and great deeds.

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Winners of an $11 million lottery give it all away

An elderly couple in their late 70’s won $11.2 million in a lottery, and gave it ALL away to charity. They only kept quarter of a million for emergencies!!

I bet they go to heaven directly with all their generous charitable work.

عيب عليكم

اللجنة الشعبية لجمع التبرعات عمرها أقدم من دستوردولة الكويت و مؤسسينها من رجال الكويت وتجارها الأفاضل، و رئيسها الأول و الفخري هو أميرنا الشيخ صباح الأحمد من تأسسيسها في ١٩٥٤. و الحين يايين تسئلون أسئلة مشبوهة عنها؟

يعني شنو؟ لا يكون الشيخ صباح الأحمد و الا المرحوم العم يوسف الفليج محتاجين فلوس التبرعات؟ والا محتاجين الفلوس لأغراض خفية؟

والله عيب

اضغطوا على الصور لتكبير المقالات