Half Price Mondays with CineScape لا تنسون اليوم تذاكر السينما بنص السعر

أي فيلم تحجزونه اليوم (ما عدا ٣دي و آي ماكس) راح يكون بنص السعر، يعني بس دينار و نص التذكرة…. و لا تنسون السعر متوفر للعروض كلها ، حتى اللي بعد نص الليل اليوم

هذا موقع السينما عشان تحجزون حق الليلة


HP Scanner-Printer-Copier for just KD 11 From Sheeel.com لا يفوتكم العرض العجيب من شيل.كوم

انا اقول ما يسوى تشترون حبر جديد حق طابعاتكم، أحسن لكم تشترون طابعة/سكانر/ ناسخة جديدة من شييل.كوم ب ١١ دينار فقط لا غير… و كلنا يعرض سمعة اتش بي الممتازة في مجال طابعات الكمبيوتر، يعني اشتر و انت مرتاح

Get a brand new HP All-In-One Printer-Scanner-copier for just KD 11 from Sheeel.com. A very amazing price, for a solid reputable all-in-one device. You can’t beat HP, they rule the printer kingdom.

Update: Apparently, there’s a lot of negative feedback about this particular printer, check amazon for more details Thx Ims for the tip.

My Favorite Snack These Days


Want Raspberry Jam Biscuits, and they’re damn cheap at just 110 fils per pack.

Kuwait Airways Still Got Game

A round trip ticket to Doha and back on Kuwait Airways is 100 dinars cheaper than the same ticket-same dates on Qatar Airways. Way to go Kuwait Airways.


The Best iPhone Offer in Kuwait – Free from VIVA

Yesterday I posted about Zain’s attractive iPhone offer. Now it seems that VIVA has come up with a much more amazing offer.

Check it out. You get the white iPhone 4 for free. VIVA’s offer beats Zain’s in both # of free minutes and messages, AND you get a free Golden VIP number on top of all this too.

Get the Top New Singles for just ¢69 at Amazon

Yesterday afternoon, while browsing amazon trying to find a Hollister gift card of all things, I stumbled on this amazing top singles prices.

You have to check this out. Over at amazon, you can get all the top hits, chart toppers, for just ¢69 a song. That’s a savings of almost 50% over iTunes of $1.29, quite a saving to tell you the truth.

Also, don’t forget to check out amazon’s cloud for internet media storage plus amazon’s free album section.

Get Your Authorised iPhone 4 from VIVA

VIVA just announced that they are the sole authorized iPhone4 dealers in Kuwait.

Their packages start from just kd69.99, for a 16 GB iPhone.

VIVA invited many bloggers and media people in a special event at the Avenues, where they told us the good news.

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The Cheapest iPhone 4 in Kuwait

I think this is the cheapest iPhone 4 in Kuwait. The offer is by Al-Rath3an Electronics, and their phone number is 25356191 – 25356677.

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