New MiniRolls by Mars

I found these at Jam3iyat elMansouriya. I haven’t tried them yet, but I would think that they’re tasty.

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Happy Easter Everyone

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Anyone Else Feels Like This?

Anyone drools and mmmmmmms over chocolate like homer?

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Orea Cookies Cappucinos

My friend got me these specially flavored cappucino packs from sultan center. I’m about to try my first cup, but I can tell you from now, it tastes amazing.

This Jacobs Cappucinos come in 3 different flavors: Oreo Cookies, Daim Cocolate, and Milka Cocolate.

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Thank You So Much My Beautiful Friends

Check out the nick name, allah allah.

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For the Baby Him and Hers

Cute little Dora and SpongBob for the mini boys and girls.

The biscuits are covered with milk chocolate, and there are 6 packs per box, for just kd 1 from LuLu hyper market.

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My Favorite Cupcake from the Past

Hostess cupcakes are the most amazing chocolate fudge cream filled cupcakes out there, especially if you eat them frozen cold. Sultan Center used to sell them pre-invasion, but not anymore.

I now get them from either my Saudi friends cause they still sell them in SA, or from my American friends cause they’re sold in the army base’s supermarkets. The cupcakes have a very short expiry period of like 10 days, that’s why I always freeze them immediately so they won’t spoil.

I don’t like dessert much, and these cupcakes are a rare exception. Maybe I like them for some nostalgic childhood memory, maybe it’s they’re the best ready-made cupcakes out there. No one makes pre-packaged cupcakes this good, let alone covered with rich fudge and filled with sweet cream.

An Amazing Mothers’ Day Cake from Kakao

I was browsing the Kuwaiti local online store, venyooo, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous Mothers’ Day cake from Kakao. The cake looks gorgeous and pretty with all the white chocolate ruffles.

Kakao is my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait, and I’m very sure that the cake will taste amazing. It’s priced at KD 20, with a KD 2 delivery charge from venyooo, and comes in a nice plexi round tray\cover.

Click here for my review of Kakao. You can call them on tel # 97162323 or check out their Facebook page for information and updates.