PinkBerry Now Open in Jabriya


Pinkberry, Pizza Express, and Starbucks are all open now in Jabriya Plaza.

They’re located on the same street as Fuds, in the same block as the EarlyBird and Low Fat. If you’re coming from the 4th Ring Road, then take the first right just before the Gulf Bank branch. You’ll find the newly opened cafes on the left corner.


Orea Cookies Cappucinos

My friend got me these specially flavored cappucino packs from sultan center. I’m about to try my first cup, but I can tell you from now, it tastes amazing.

This Jacobs Cappucinos come in 3 different flavors: Oreo Cookies, Daim Cocolate, and Milka Cocolate.

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Wataniya Airport’s New Cafes

On our way to Dubai last week, I noticed two new cafes\dessert\snack places in Sh. Sa’ad Wataniya Airways airport.

One is a cinnebun place called CinnZeo, while the other is a frozen yogurt place called Yogen Fruz. They’re both upstairs in the same hall as Starbucks.

What’s unique about Yogen Fruz are the different varying strange frozen yogurt flavors, like Key lime pie and stuff. And what’s also unique is how they blend the toppings into the frozen yogurt, like in a McFlurry. Or you can have the toppings on top, like all the other usual places.

Both of these new cafes open till 10 p.m.

My Carluccio’s Hot Chocolate

It comes with melted chocolate, an espresso shot, and fresh cream.

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Coffee Republic’s Home Delivery

Someone close to me knew I wasn’t in the mood of going out today, so they ordered me a Frappuccino to make me happy.

Two Frappuccinos were delivered to my house from Coffee Republic, one Mocca and one Kinder. They both got here icy and cold, and super yummy. My order was the Mocca Frappa, which tasted of strong coffee and strong chocolate, just the way I like it.

Thank you so much my secret someone.

Starbucks’s Trenta super large size

Oh my my, the might huge Starbucks Trenta.

Starbucks changes it’s logo for it’s 40th anniversary

Starbucks are changing their logo, to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The new logo is simple, with no borders, and doesn’t have the Starbucks name. Check out their site for details and a video.

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Spot the difference

I love this picture a lot 🙂

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