In Support of Our Saudi Friends

(CNN) — Saudi women have been encouraged to challenge the status quo and get behind the wheel Friday.

The initiative is called “Women2Drive,” a campaign demanding the right for women to drive and travel freely in Saudi Arabia.

Though there are no traffic laws that make it illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, religious edicts are often interpreted as a ban against female drivers. One female motorist spent more than a week in custody in May, supporters said.

The day was expected to be a test of wills, and authority, between police and the campaign, which has been publicized by Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


WTH?… صكوا القبس بعين ماصلت على النبي

Come on Al-Qabas. You can’t be serious. You’re begging people to comment. Marriage financing by one of the world’s leading banks?

You should be advocating the strengths of the Kuwaiti economy, the historical heritage of it, how more advanced and efficient it is than all the other regional markets; not entertain such ridiculous and silly ideas.

Linux Celebrates 20 Years

This post goes to one of my friends, the only one I know who uses Linux. He’s been using it for years. I’m going to venture and say for something close to 12 years so far.

With Linux, I feel so outdated with technology; even though I’ve been an avid early Mac user from way back in the stone age day. Anyways, congratulations Linux and baby Android and may you have a Happy 20th.

More info can be found over at the Linux Foundation.

I’m liking VIVA More & More

Remember that dinner party VIVA threw for bloggers last week, to launch the new VIVA\Apple exclusive iPhone4 deal? Where it also gave bloggers free new iPhone4s?

VIVA was very courteous and respectful to all attendees during that dinner. Everyone I know was impressed by VIVA, it’s CEO, and the super friendly VIVA staff.

Well, VIVA managed to add a new level of respect to that night. It took ads in today’s papers thanking bloggers for attending that dinner party. This is so sweet and nice of VIVA. VIVA is a huge corporation, and it’s a huge honor to be thanked by a company that big. It also shows VIVA’s respect to the new forms of media out there today.

Thank you VIVA. There was no need to thank us, it was really our pleasure to attend your dinner.

Note: I took the liberty to circle by blog in VIVA’s ad, to show it off from the rest. It’s not everyday my blog gets mentioned in the papers. So of course, it’s not really boxed like that in the real ad.

Happy Labor Day

It’s the first of May, and it’s officially Labor Day. Celebrate with Google’s doodle of this important workforce day.

Good Work Zain: Before & After

The "After" Ad in today's paper

The "Before" Ad in yesterday's paper

If you remember yesterday, Zain ran an ad that most of us thought was offensive. It bordered on making fun of physical abuse and beatings. Almost all of the comments I got thought so too.

The ad went a long way, it made it all the way to the GCC, where BanatZayed posted about it. That’s really embarrassing to Kuwait, and Zain should’ve thought of the consequences before running such an negative ad.

Anyways, I guess the people over at Zain were listening to us. Coz they ran the exact same ad in today’s paper, but changed the nasty words into neutral non-offemsive ones. The result was pretty and nice.

I had said “I would love to see Zain drop this ad from its marketing campaigns”. I’m happy to see them try to fix unintentional mistakes.

Great Job Zain.

To view the whole ad, check page #3 of Al-Qabas.

Reminder: NBK’s Annual Walkathon

  • I posted about NBK’s annual Walkathon a few weeks ago, and just wanted to remind you this is the last week to register. It ends on Friday the 11th.
  • Registration is beside the Scientific Center in Salmiya.
  • Also, one of my dear readers (cute Ms. N.) just informed me that you can also register at NBK-Avenues, where they have a small stand there.

The Walkathon is next Saturday, March 12th. Don’t miss out on a great family-fun-filled day.

Thx to Ms. Badria from NBK.

Ouch, Funny, and a Bit of Animal Cruelty الضب دايما يفوز

هالصبي ما شاف شلون ادلع قطوتي…. لول