Great Macbook & iPad Prices From Xcite أسعار رائعة لآيباد و ماك بوك و ماك آير

Xcite Electronics are offering amazing prices, with warranty, over Apple’s MacBook Pros, iPads, and MacAirs. With these kind pf prices, it’s not worth the hassle of ordering them online from the States anymore.


I Upgraded my RAM On My Own


I’ve wanted to upgrade my RAM memory for sometime now. I got two 2GB sticks ordered from TransIntl, as recommended by Mark. I bought the pair, along with 2nd Day US shipping for $48. But then I got slapped here in Kuwait at the customs, where I paid an additional KD25 in fees. That makes this purchase a very sour, and failed, one.

Anyways, I decided to do the upgrade yesterday. I opened up the laptop’s cover, removed the Battery, and went on to unscrew the screws. That is where I got into trouble. It turns out my screwdrivers weren’t working. I sent the driver to Lawazem Al-3ayla to get me a #00, but they didn’t have any, and told him to go to Shuwaikh.  What a load of BS.

Anyways, I found another screwdriver from an old corporate giveaway. And it worked. So I went on to open the laptop cover, removed the old RAMs, and put in the new ones. I had also done some small cleaning up of my laptop earlier in the day, so I can’t say for sure if the new RAM made any difference in performance speed so far.

The whole process was super easy. I had taken some shots when I initially started, but then threw the camera away when the screwdriver problem happened. And as I was changing the RAMs, it totally escaped my mind to take pics again. So all I have now are pre and post pictures only. I’m not really sure I should’ve taken off the stickers, but it didn’t make sense for me to keep them on the RAMs.

I referred to this vid and this help from Apple for the installation process.

Linux Celebrates 20 Years

This post goes to one of my friends, the only one I know who uses Linux. He’s been using it for years. I’m going to venture and say for something close to 12 years so far.

With Linux, I feel so outdated with technology; even though I’ve been an avid early Mac user from way back in the stone age day. Anyways, congratulations Linux and baby Android and may you have a Happy 20th.

More info can be found over at the Linux Foundation.

Birthday Wish #1

Preferably in a 27″ 2.8 GHz model.

Viva Apple & Mac… Always.

I Want to Upgrade my RAM

I want to upgrade my RAM from 2GB to 4GB. It’ll cost me KD 70 here in Kuwait, while online, it would cost less than $50.

I’ve googled it online, and the changing process seems very easy to do. Just unscrew the back of the laptop, remove the cover and battery, take out the old RAM,s and plug in the new ones.

The RAMs themselves are quite cheap to buy, but I don’t know what type or brand to get. Online, an upgrade to 4GB is $50, to 6GB is $90. That’s very cheap compared to the price I got in Kuwait.

My laptop is a MacBook, the aluminum uni-body, of late 2008. If anyone knows how to upgrade, where to buy the RAMs, what kind to get, where to do it, self install… etc; then please let me know. I need all the information I can get.

The Right Way to Sit When Using the Laptop or Computer

This video shows you several healthy ways of sitting when you’re using the laptop or desktop, so that you don’t suffer back or knee strains.

It’s very insightful and helpful.

Apple’s New iPad 2 is Here

  • The iPad 2 comes out March 11, click here for the spec details.
  • It comes in both black and white, 2 cameras, faster processor, and cover stand.
  • You can start ordering it online from now, just click here.
  • The new iPads are prices the same as the old ones, check the last pic for details.

My free gifts from Quality Net

I went to Mishref Fairgrounds this evening to renew my Q-Net DSL subscription.

The speed I use is the 2-4 MB, which I renewed again for the annual price of KD258, KD8 more expensive than last year. I don’t know what’s up with that. I mean we should be getting better offers, like faster speeds or cheaper rates or something.

Anyways, they gave me a scratch card. I played dumb and took two of them. I won two free 1 Tira external HDs.

Since they didn’t have it in stock, they offered to give me a portable 500 GB one (with free anti-virus) on the spot. And they were kind enough to turn a blind eye, and gave me two of them, even though I only have a one subscription.

I like Q-Net, I rarely have problems with their connection, so I didn’t see any point in looking at offers from other companies (even though I’m not in love with their prices this year).

I’m happy with the new external HD, atleast it’s something I know I will be using. As for the speed, I would’ve rather had a faster connection for this price.

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