My Prize from the Baby Shower


I went to my friend’s baby shower today, and we played a few games there. This was my prize. Even though someone kept on stealing my prizes, smother someone kept giving me her prizes. Of course, those prizes got stolen too, but I did manage to hold on to this one.

I love candles, so I’m super happy this was what I won.


I Gota Say Bieber is Cute


Pics of Dogs Smiling



I never knew dogs smiled. My friend’s dog gave me a little smile today, and that got me thinking if other dogs smiled too. When I googled it, it turned out that dogs smile all the time. And they all look very adorable and cute.

Super Duper Cute يسلم قلبه

Kuwaiti Romeo & Juliet ليلى و قيس الكويت


الله يطيح قلوب الحبايب على بعض

Is this the Best Little Dancer Ever? ماشاءالله على الرقص

The Barking Cat نباح قطوة

Spanish Smurfs Town مدينة السنافر الأسبانية

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قررت القرية الأسبانية جزغار اللي يم ملقا  انها تلون مبانيها بلون السنافر الأزرق، و تحط تماثيل و ألعاب السنافر بالقرية كلها، عشان تحتضن الافتتاح الرسمي لفيلم السنافر الجديد

المصدر… تقدرون تشوفون دعاية الفيلم هني

This small Spanish Village, Juzgar, near Malaga, decided to paint the town baby blue, scatter small smurfy statues and dolls all around town; in order to host the world premier of the new Sumrfs movie. You cam watch the Smurfs trailer here.