Had the Best Steak Sandwich at Quiznos Kuwait

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I just had one of the best steak sandwiches ever, at the newly opened Quiznos in Salmiya. I had heard about the place from Mark.

Quiznos has an extensive menu of beef\chicken\tuna\cheese sandwiches (both italian and flat bread ones), soups and salads. There were three of us and we all ordered steak-based sandwiches; all with different combinations, breads and sauces. And we all loved our sandwiches. I loved it so much, I ordered an extra sandwich to go.

What’s so good about Quiznos is that the whole sandwich is grilled to order, right in front of you. And what I personally liked was their unique and tasty sauces. This is why I loved Quiznos so much. They had a great selection; like peppercorn, chipotle, bourbon mustard, garlic sauce, ranch, and honey mustard.

We also ordered two kinds of soup and two kinds of salad. I wouldn’t order them again, just because the sandwiches were so amazing and filling on their own. We ended the meal with some of the best cookies I’ve ever had in Kuwait, especially the chocolate chip one. We all fought for them, they were really good.

We also got to meet the owner; Mr. Abul-Lateef Al-Se3eed, who gave us a complimentary salad. He let us in on a little secret: the bread is not made in Kuwait! That’s why it’s so tasty. The softness and quality of the bread is what first impresses you with that first bite.

He also told us of another secret: they’re opening a takeout\delivery branch in Qurtoba by 3eed time, in addition to a Mahboula branch towards the year end. That’s great news, because Salmiya is too far for some of us. Super great ood luck Abdul-Lateef, may you have the best of success.

We had ordered 2 small soups, 2 small salads, 2 small sandwiches, one large sandwich, 2 cokes, one iced-tea, and 3 cookies; for KD 9.850.

You can find Quiznos on Salem Al-Mubarak St., behind Olympia Mall and in the same building as Buffalos. Their Tel # is 2574-9660, and you can also find them on Twitter at Quiznos_kw.

I apologize for the quality of the pics, I didn’t have my camera with me, and I didn’t know the iPhone4 was this bad. All the pics looked great when I took them, they just turned bad when I viewed them on the computer. Go figure. Sorry anyways.


KFC 70’th Annivversary Specials

KFC has several special 70’th anniversary meals, at attractive prices of kd1.5.

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My Review of Tatami Japanese Restaurant

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Oh boy, this is going to be a hard post. For the first time in I don’t how long, I actually do not like a place. This was my first visit to Tatami, so I did what I normally do when I visit a restaurant for the first time: order everything I think I would like from the menu.

That’s how I ended up ordering two salads, Edamami, 2 kinds of Maki, Lobster Teppanyaki, and Banana\Chocolate Spring Roll. My friend who, unlike me, loves Sushi and Sashimi ordered a double platter of Salmon, Tuna, Scallops, and what I think is Sardine.

The first salads we tried was the Spinach & Shitaki Mushroom, which was ok in my opinion. I just didn’t like it much, and I don’t think I would order it again, the dressing and the fresh spinach were just too bitter for my taste. Now the other salad, I forgot what it was called but it came in heavily recommended by our waitress, was not tasty at all. The cucumber and carrots were too spongy, and it came with shredded boiled shrimp instead of shredded crab because they were out of crab. I personally didn’t like this salad at all, but my friend seemed to like it just fine. It’s definitely not something I would order again.

We had ordered the Edamami with the spicy mayo dip, and it was an ok dish. It’s a dish that I would for sure order again, only for the lack of other more favorite dishes.

Now we come to the Makis. They were for me. I ordered the Spider, which I think was made with fried crab. And the other maki was a regular Ebi Tempura one. Only changes were that I asked them to use rice paper instead of seaweed. The Tempura roll was good, but the spider one smelled just a bit too strong for me. My friend agreed that it did smell a bit too strong too, but she loved the Tempura Roll.

As for my friend’s dish, the Sushi\Sashimi; she loved it. She’s a regular at Tatamai, so she knew what to order, and even made it a double order too. That’s how much she loved it. Good for her.

I had thankfully ordered a Teppanyaki dish, just in case I didn’t like my other orders. My Lobster Teppanyaki comes in a cream sauce, and I asked them to make it with extra sauce. I loved this dish. Oh My God, it was so good. The sauce was creamy, yet spicy. The Lobster was both tender and juicy, and the vegetables were really crispy but still very tasty.

This is definitely what’s going to get me back to Tatami. This Lobster Teppanyaki is the best that I’ve ever had in Kuwait, and I’m going to Tatami again and again to eat it.

We finished our meal with the Banana Chocolate “spring rolls”, which come with creme englaise. If you know me, you would know that I am not a fan of desert; so you shouldn’t take anything I say about desert negatively. I just don’t like desert. And this Banana Chocolate was not an exception. But in my defence, even my friend said that it normally tastes a lot better than it did today. We ended up our meal with espresso for the both of us.

I don’t really know how much our bill was, cause my friend paid for it. But I would assume it was a hefty amount. Sushi, Sashimi, and Lobster aren’t cheap dishes.

I really wish I a better review of Tatami. And I seriously hope I won’t get into trouble, like when Mark reviewed Banihanna. But honestly, Tatami is a very good place. You could see that the quality of food was super high, the service was super friendly, and the menu was actually quite extensive to meet many differing tastes. I just didn’t like the salads or the Makis. Then again, my taste in Japanese food leans towards the kind Meli Melo & Maki serve; not what Kei or Tatami serve. I’m just not that adventurous, plus I’m actually a picky eater.

You can find Tatami in Sharq area, Omar Bin Al-Khattab St., in the same building as Gulf Bank, and opposite Al-Ghanim’s showroom. Their phone # is 2225-1265. I included their map to make it easier for you to get there.

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Review of Armani Cafe – Mall of Emirates

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I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but Armani Cafe in Dubai is one of the best food places in the Gulf. I’m starving right now and that got me thinking of getting a Roma Burger from Open Flame. But since they don’t do take-out, I let my imagination go to other venues, and I decided on Nino’s Veal Milanese & Rocca salad.

Anyways, though Nino’s veal milanese is very good, it didn’t stop me from thinking of the best Veal Milanese I’ve ever had outside of Europe: at Armani Cafe. It’s so delicious and tasty, it’s perfect. I remember once, I asked the chef to come out to play a game of guess the ingredients with me.

One of the other foods I love there is their Truffle Bruschetta. It comes full of Truffle paste and Truffle shavings. I love how they don’t skimp on ingredients at Armani, even with such an expensive one like Truffle. This Bruschetta is just to die for, not to be missed at all.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Pizza, but that’s only because we don’t really do it that well in Kuwait. But whenever I’m in Dubai, I make suer I order myself a Truffle pizza from Armani cafe. It’s thin, crispy, full of different kinds of cheeses, and is topped with fragrant
Truffle shavings. The smell of the pizza hits you right on the spot. It’s one fancy super delicious pizza.

You can find Armani Cafe in Mall of Emirates, First floor, between Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, on the Rodeo Drive path between Harvey Nichols & Debenhams.

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Ruby Tuesday’s Ribs Are Back

The poster claims it’s their best and most popular dish.

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Review of Kabab 7ijja Sandwiches

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I wanted to have Kabab 7ijja for dinner tonight, but they were sold out of meat. So the guy there suggested I try a Kabab sandwich, which I never even knew sold. I knew they had chicken Shawarma sandwiches, but never of meat Kabab ones.

I ordered one of each, and they both tasted good. I would even date say, they both tasted really really good.

The Kabab sandwich comes stuffed with green leaf vegis and some kind of white sauce, not 6e7eena though. The chicken Shawarma comes with the same green leaf vegis, garlic sauce, and pickles.

Next time, I’ll order my Kabab sandwich with grilled tomatoes, since I love them so much. I wouldn’t change anything on the Shawarma, the chicken is cut nicely and the portion isn’t overwhelming.

The sandwiches are 250 fils each, which is damn cheap mashalla.

50% Off Online Food Orders from I.Eat.Online

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Movie theaters will start serving dinner too

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that movie theaters in the state are starting to offer dinner and drinks to movie goers. You can read all about it here.