New Fizzy Drinks From Tropicana



No Nestle For You Today

Saw this sign yesterday at Surra Co-Op, while getting a few packs of my favorite Haagen daz ice-cream. I wonder what’s going on here. I did hear that some of the ready-to-make Cappucino and Mochaccino boxes were missing from co-ops due to pricing conflicts.

I do hope this doesn’t turn into another KDD Co-Op boycotting campaign. That wasn’t fun when it happened 3-4 years ago.


Shay El-Wizza’s Green Tea شاي الوزة الأخضر

Good to know Shay El-Wizza is still alive توني أدري في شاي أخضر من شاي الوزة


PinkBerry Now Open in Jabriya


Pinkberry, Pizza Express, and Starbucks are all open now in Jabriya Plaza.

They’re located on the same street as Fuds, in the same block as the EarlyBird and Low Fat. If you’re coming from the 4th Ring Road, then take the first right just before the Gulf Bank branch. You’ll find the newly opened cafes on the left corner.

My Review of Burger King’s New Cheesy Chicken Royale

تشيزي تشكن رويال – ساندويش دجاج مقرمش محشو بقطع من الجبن الذائب اللذيذ

Cheesy Chicken Royale , crunchy chicken filled with delicious melted cheese

Burger King’s new sandwich comes out tomorrow.

We got to taste the new Cheesy Chicken Royale sandwich today, before it officially comes out tomorrow. Burger King delivered 4 meals of the new sandwich, along with fries and coke.

It has the same build of Chicken Royale sandwich with a major difference being the patty is made of a mixture of Chicken, shredded mozzarella and mature cheddar supported with natural cheese flavor in order to convey a well balanced chicken-cheese taste

The new sandwich comes with cheese, lettuce, and mayo. I ordered mine without the mayo. First thing you taste is the cheese. It’s not a strong mature taste, but you can’t mistake the cheesy taste. It was wonderful. The chicken fillet was light and airy, making the whole sandwich light to eat.

I think the new sandwich is a good addition to Burger King’s other chicken sandwiches, especially for people who would like to taste something other than ketchup and mayo on their burgers.

Try the sandwich out, you’ll like its unique cheesy taste. Also, if you like Burger King, be a fan of their Facebook page.

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Special thanks to Mrs. Beebi Al-Qitami, from Kout Food Group,  for this wonderful lunch.

Embarrassing Confusion

Uma Thurman appears in a totally new light in this Schwepps commercial.

Orea Cookies Cappucinos

My friend got me these specially flavored cappucino packs from sultan center. I’m about to try my first cup, but I can tell you from now, it tastes amazing.

This Jacobs Cappucinos come in 3 different flavors: Oreo Cookies, Daim Cocolate, and Milka Cocolate.

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My Review of Shake Shack Dubai

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Today I got super lucky and got a rare exclusive chance to tryout the Shake Shack’s first Middle East branch, that will open in Dubai on Thursday.

We got invited in by Mr. Nadar Hallal, Al-Shaya’s Head of Marketing-Casual Dining. We also got to chat with Shake Shack’s famous Mark Rosati, Manager of Culinary & Training.

We tried out three burgers: The Shake Burger, the ‘Shroom Burger (vegi), and the Cheese Burger. We also had cheese fries. As for drinks, we had the Shake Attack Concrete (oh my god, so devilish), Chocolate Shake, and Coke.

The Shake Burger was amazing, and that special Shake Shack sauce was ever so yummy. The ‘Shroom Burger will turn any meat lover into a vegetarian, with it’s perfectly cooked portobello mushroom stuffed with tasty cheese. As for the cheese burger, with this burger you could tell that the meat used was excellent.

I had a chat with Mr. Rosati about the source of the meat, since Mark of 248am commented that the meat used in the Middle East might not be the same great-quality one used back in the States. Well, Mr. Rosati confirmed to us that the meat used will be the same exact beef used in the States; supplied by Creek Stone, Shake Shack’s cattle supplier.

The Shake Attack Concrete is a whole meal by it self, and heaven for the chocolate lover. It’s made with Chocolate custard, hot fudge, chocolate truffle cookie dough and Valrhona chocolate chunks. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Shake Shack Dubai will open this Thursday, at 10 am. Shake Shack Kuwait will open sometime in May or June. Mr. Rosati said that the Kuwaiti branch will be special, because of the small kitchen which means that the seating area will mostly be outside of the restaurant.

I’m going to eat there again when it opens on thursday. After that, I will anxiously wait for them to open up in Kuwait.

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