Exclusive Review: I’m In Shake Shack Right Now in Dubai

I arrived in Dubai this afternoon, and went to the Mall of Emirates. I had heard from Mark of 248am that they’re officially opening this Thursday.

So I passed by them, and got invited to taste the food on the house!! How cool is that!

Special thanks to Mr. Nader Hallal from Al-Shaya Group for inviting us. Once he knew we were from Kuwait, he graciously invited us. And I must say everyone was friendly, and the food was gooooood.

And Mark Rosati says hi to everyone.

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Didn’t Like What Happened Today

I thought Dubai was anal about following rules. Guess I was wrong.

Rude, annoying, insulting, demeaning are all adjectives that come to my mind today.

Viva Burj “Khalifa”.

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Ma7ad A7san men A7ad

This was taken in Dubai a few hours ago. Allah ey3eenhum inshalla.

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Dubai Parks

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We went to Dubai’s Creek Park, one of their public parks, to see the Dolphin and Seal show. The park reminded me of England’s beautiful relaxing parks, with plenty of grass, trees, and green bushes. I wonder why we don’t have parks like this in Kuwait.

My apologies for the somewhat blurry pictures, but that’s because I was walking fast to get to the show, since we were already late to it.

I’ll post the pics of the Dolphin\Seal\Acrobat show when I get a chance to organize them., it was such a nice show.

Roof Top Pool of the Pullman Hotel Dubai

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While in Dubai last week, we stayed at the Pullman Hotel in Mall of Emirates.

It’s a new 4 star hotel that has just opened up a few months ago, and it has direct access to the mall, just like the mall’s other hotel, the Kempinski. The Pullman was a very comfortable hotel. It’s directly linked to the Mall and to the Metro station. You’ve got a food court right below the mall exit of the hotel, and  you’ve got a cute 24-hour cafe and panoramic view balcony.

I went to the rooftop pool, and took a few pictures. I thought of sharing them with you. This hotel’s view is the best in the area, since it’s the highest building there, and has panoramic views of the whole of Jumeirah, in addition to horizon views of Burj Khaleefa area.

You can also check out the Pullman’s beautiful breakfast view.

A Night of Culture in Dubai: West End Class Musicals

While we were in Dubai a few days ago, we went to see a musical called “The Three Phantoms“, at the Centre Point theatre in the Mall of the Emirates. The musical of part of the 2011/2011 DUCTAC season.

The musical is about the amazing music of  the different play versions of “The Phantom”, but mostly Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” successful version that has been playing in both Broadway and the West End for more than 25 years.

The music and songs and standards were more than amazing, it’s exactly what you would expect from a highly successful West End or a Broadway show. This was not an amateur performance, but rather felt more like a private VIP show of the best musical Theatre actors in the world.

  • The three actors have previously played the real Phantom in Andrew lloyd Weber’s London show, and have clocked more than 6,000 performances between the three of them.
  • The actress has just finished playing Christine, the Phantom’s love interest, after doing so for the past two years in Weber’s London show.
  • The Musician who played all of the music for us was the same one Musical Director of Weber’s London play, for more than three years.

We weren’t allowed to take photos, but I managed to get a sneak at the curtains, before the show starts. I also noticed that one of the chairs in the theatre was donated by none other than our local Kuwait Food Company (Americana). That made me feel sad to realize that Kuwaiti companies do actually know how to support arts of international standards, but are too selfish to do that in Kuwait.

Check out the Golden Piano. It was the star of the night. And for once, I’m not going to make fun of Dubai’s superficial fascination with gold. This night was Gold, the beautiful performances deserved the Gold Piano.

This was my first time at this kind of event in Dubai. But from what I’ve seen this night, I’m always going to check out performances and book tickets every time I’m in Dubai again.

Tickets were between Dh 120-250, which is basically KD 10-20 for both a top notch theatre and performance. Maybe now you can understand why I was complaining about the KD 75 Abracadabra magic show that’s coming to the Skating Rink next weekend.

Pork in Dubai

The foreigners are having a blast, they’ve got everything from chops to ham, found in Waitrose – Mall of Dubai.

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Magnolia Bakery at Bloomingdale’s

We just bought a Red Velvet CupCake. I’m not into dessert, so I’m letting someone else taste it, then tell me if it’s good. Didn’t mean to mislead you Om Tota, but I promise to bring a dozen just for you next time.

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