Great Duaa Ramadan Dararee3 معرض دعاء دزاينز لدراريع رمضان


انا شهادتي بهذه المصممة الكويتية المحليةمجروحة (تقدرون تقرون عنها هني)….. دعاء ديزاينز دايما تقدم احلى تصاميم الدراريع حق رمضان و العيد. موديلاتها، و الاقمشة الي تستعملهم، و التصاميم دايما أحلى من أي شي موجود بالسوق… لا يفوتكم معرض دعاء لدراريع رمضان في بيت لوذان، لمدة ٣ أيام ابتداء من اليوم… دعاء ديزاينز مايشاركون بمعارض جماعية، فلحقوا عليهم هاليومين بمعرضهم الخاص اذا تبون شي خاص و كشخة لرمضان

Duaa Designs are having a 3-day exhibition for their Ramadan Dararee3. Duaa are one of my most favorite local designers, and I’ve written about her a few times before (check here, here, and here).

Her designs are absolutely amazing, and the materials she uses are super elegant and stylish. Plus, almost every dara3a is uniquely different from anything in this collection or in the market. As far as style goes, I don’t think there’s a better local dara3a designer.

Duaa Designs

تسر دعاء ديزاين لدعوتكم لمعرض الفساتين والدراعات الرمضانيه
يوم الاحد الموافق
 من الساعه 10:00 صباحا حتى 1:00 مساء
ومن الساعه ا5:00 مساء حتى 10:00 مساء
لمده ثلاثه ايام

بيت لوذان -قاعه الصفصاف

نتشرف بحضوركم
Tel: 99272262

My Purchase from Hala Ramadan Expo

I just bought these beautiful ceramic plates, each comes with its own plastic cover. I got a set that comes in a carry bag, and another one that comes in a steel basket. I thought both would come in handy by the beach or a picnic in the garden.

I got it from Al-Markaz Al-Mubarak, tel # 2265-5577, 2264-0380.

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Early Ramadan Expo Opens Today افتتاح معرض هلا رمضان اليوم


The Hala Ramadan expo opens today, and it will be on for three days till May 12th. Visit them at the 360º’s Um Kalhthoum Hall, on the ground floor. There are a few of companies I know that are showing their work there, it’s worth it to give them a visit.

  • Make sure you check out Tashkeil’s New Independent Saudi Designers at the Expo today.
  • Also pass by Cristeaux for some gorgeous Gergai3an costumes for little boys & girls.

Photography Competition by Kuwait Historic Cars Museum

The Historical, Vintage, and Classic Cars Museum is organizing a photography competition:

فئات المسابقة

يمكن للمتسابقين المشاركة بأي من فئات المسابقة و هي :

1-    أفضل صورة ملونة للسيارة

2-    أفضل صورة لشعار السيارة

3-    أفضل صورة بالأبيض و الاسود

4-    أفضل صورة من إختيار الجمهور – التصويت عليها من قبل الجمهور

قوانين المسابقة

–         آخر يوم للإشتراك بالمسابقة و تقديم الصور هو يوم الخميس 12 مايو 2011

–         ستعرض جميع الصور المشاركة بالمسابقة في صالة العرض الرئسية بالمتحف

–         ستعرض الصور من تاريخ 15 الي 28 مايو 2011

–         في يوم الأحد 29 مايو 2011 سيتم الإعلان عن الفائزين بالمسابقة و يتم تقديم الجوائز و التكريم للفائزين

–         سيتم عرض الصور الفائزة في قسم الصور في المتحف

–         باب المشاركة مفتوح لجميع المصورين

–         يجب على المشتركين تقديم صورة على الأقل (و ثلاث صور على الأكثر) للإشتراك بالمسابقة

Check out the Museum’s Facebook page for further details

Engines Expo at the Scientific center

The Expo is on for three days, from Thursday the 21st till Saturday the 23rd. It looks very interesting, and worthy of your visit. And they’ve got a DJ to entertain you too.

This is from their Facebook  page, you can also follow them on twitter here:

This Spring’s Main Event at Scientific Center’s Center Parking
Introducing “Engines Expo” a one-of-a-kind expo hosting top-notch Kuwaiti businesses that have a respectable reputation and are popular and on demand in the Kuwaiti market. Businesses will pop their trunks and showcase you the best items they offer.Location: Center Parking (Shaded)
Date: April 21, 22, and 23 of 2011
Timings: 4 pm -10 pm
Theme: “Car Booths”Follow us on Twitter : @Engines_Expo
Email us on :
-for reservations and further information.
Call us on: 60333406
Book your parking space quick !!! Limited spaces available.

Thanks Nour for the info xoxo.

Pictures of the Real Jet Fighters used in Kuwait’s Liberation

I was on my way to get me a chocolate sundae from McDonald’s Corniche, when I saw these military people working with some beautiful airplanes, just passed She3eb Palace. I had to stop and see them, and I’m so glad I did.

I got super lucky tonight. Turns out that there were two historical real-life jet fighters, that were used in the Liberation of Kuwait 20 years ago. These two planes were the first two to bomb Iraq in Jan 1991. The beige camouflage one is the Sky Hawk, while the white one is the Mirage.

I also got to see the missiles that go up on these jet fighters

There were army tanks, in addition to military radar equipment.

All of these military machines will be used in Sunday’s grand Parade on Gulf Road, Feb 27th.

Duaa 3eed exhibition

  • Duaa designs is having a one day special exhibition for 3eed clothes.
  • It’s going to be held this Tuesday ,Sept. 7, at the Exchibition on the Seef Strip beside Slider Station from 11 am till midnight.

An older related post is here.

A big thank you out to Ha2 Designs

I had posted about Ha2 Designs Dararee3 exhibition a few days ago. And today, Ha2’s lovely owner mentioned my blog on its facebook wall. So thank you Hanan so much.