The Best Video of Star Academy 8

This clip has everything. Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Shakira, Rihanna, Elissa, Lady GaGa, Cher, Justin Bieber, Hayfa Wahbi, and a lot more celebrities.

I seriously couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this vid. I haven’t laughed like this is ages. Bassam Faghali is super talented and hilarious. The way he imitated the celebrities, ALL OF THEM, is pure talent. It just cracked me up when he said “let’s do Rihanna’s S&M in Arabic, something like……. مولاي يا مولاي”. Oh my god, that can you imagine how it would sound like? I kinda hate him for teasing us like that.

Watch this clip from Star Academy’s season 8, and you’ll have tears in your eyes the whole time.


دودهتونا وياكم

الصورة و الإسم موراكبين على بعض… الظاهر توزير ثلاث إخوان للمرة الأولى بالكويت، لف روس الناس

على الأقل يابوا إسم العايلة صح

ترقبوا تصويب الخطأ في عدد القبس باكر


Latest Bestseller: How to Please a Woman

Are the 80’s Back?

It sure sounds like the good old 80’s are back. LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem just made it to the top of the billboard 100. When I first heard the song, then saw it, I felt it was some kind of joke. It was just too silly to be taken seriously, not with that awful dancing going on.

I See This as a Typical Kuwaiti حده كويتي من قلب

Nothing unusual here, Kuwaiti guys go for looks far more than compatibility.

Perfectly Timed Questions


بلنتي سخيف Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

My Favorite Version of Gaga’s “Born This Way” فيديو مخصوص لعشاق ليدي غاغا


آآآآآّ يا قلبي، مع اني أعترف إنه ليدي غاغا شوي صعب الواحد يبلعها، أظل أموت عليها…. و هاذي المسخرة الجديدة على أغنيتها المشهورة “بورن ذز واي” أكثر من عجيبة، يبيلكم تسمعونها، ماراح اتحسفون

I have got to say this; as much as I love Lady GaGa, this new “Born This Way” parady is more than hilarious… Don’t miss it, listen till the end….. You have got to love the part where they go: “Coz Everyday is Halloween…… For Me“, EPIC!

This is the original Version هذي الأغنية الأصلية