Kuwaiti Romeo & Juliet ليلى و قيس الكويت


الله يطيح قلوب الحبايب على بعض


Picture of the Day صورة اليوم و كل يوم


The Muppets Green Lantern Movies’ Trailer Mashup المابتس و الفانوس الأخضر

الدعاية الجديدة تينن…. شوفو دعاية المابتس الأصلية هني، و دعاية الفانرس الأخضر الأصلية هني

I love this new trailer mashup… You can watch the original Muppets trailer here, and the original Green Lantern trailer here

People Are So in Love with Saudi Arabia شعليكم يالسعوديين، من قدكم

لايفوتكم هالريال النكتة…. الأخ كندي عايش بالسعودية، و يحليله حافظ اللهجات المحلية كلها، من القصيم لآبها للحجاز… لا و قاطله كم كلمة كويتية عالماشي…. دمه خفيف من قللب…. لا يفوتكم لما يتكلم كويتي، تكفون سمعوا “شلونج” و “هلا و الله”…. ياب اللهجة الكويتية بالضبط، و سمعوه يتكلم قصيمي و جداوي…. و لايطوفكم الآذان و أنواعه

Check this Canadian guy out. He does amazing Saudi dialects, and even throws in a few Kuwaiti words. He’s super cute and adorbs, amazing charismatic.

Can Someone Explain This to Me? شالقصة؟

People’s Views of Politicians

20110618-105003.jpgThank you R.S.

New TV Shows I’m Watching These Days

Most of my favorite TV shows have ended their season, like 30 Rock, Modern Family, the Middle, Cougar Town, Community, Gossip and Girl. So I scanned through a few of the new TV Shows, and here are the ones I liked so far:

Hot in Cleaveland: Not a new show, it came out last year. Good Show.

Happily Divorced: Only saw the pilot episode, but seems funny enough. 

Breaking In: This is a good show, saw three episodes so far, and don’t mind watching more.

Love Bites: Can’t say I like this show, cause I only parts of it (like the NYC part, but not the SF part). But check it out, you might like it. Just keep in mind, I didn’t like it that much.


Exploding Candid Camera

I hate candid camera shows, they’re so embarrassing and annoying. This one in particular would’ve giving me a heart attack.