Great Macbook & iPad Prices From Xcite أسعار رائعة لآيباد و ماك بوك و ماك آير

Xcite Electronics are offering amazing prices, with warranty, over Apple’s MacBook Pros, iPads, and MacAirs. With these kind pf prices, it’s not worth the hassle of ordering them online from the States anymore.


Don’t Miss Sheeel’s Great Deal on Memory Sticks Today

Get 3 8 Giga SanDisk memory sticks for an amazing price of KD 8.750, from

Are You Going to Glastonbury Fest. This Year?

Then you’ll be happy to know that you can recharge your mobile phones just by listening to the musical sound waves, with Orange’s special “Sound Charge” t-shirt. What a great way to use all that musical power.

U2, Coldplay, Beyonce, and Paul Simon are all part of this year’s lineup at the Glastonbury Fest. I envy anyone and everyone going there this year. You better get me a t-Shirt.


Just Received the Motorola Xoom from VIVA


VIVA sent me the latest tablet device, the Motorola Xoom, to try out for a few days.

First thing I noticed was the many wires and accessories it had. There was this thing that looks like external speakers, with HDMI ports and stuff. I’m going to try and connect the Xoom to the TV, and check playback quality.

It’s going to take a couple of hours to charge, which means I can’t start playing yet.

You can get your Motorola Xoom from VIVA, starting from KD99.

VIVA is Letting Me Review the New Motorola Xoom

VIVA is giving me a Motorola Xoom to try out for a couple of days. I should be getting the new gadget tomorrow, hopefully that is. I’ve never used an Android based gadget before, so it should be very interesting to see how it compares to Apple’s IOS.

VIVA has an amazing offer on the Xoom, where you can get it starting from KD99.

VIVA Launches Motorola Xoom in Kuwait

 VIVA launched the new Motorola Xoom Tablet today. You can get it for KD99 with VIVA’s internet package.

You can check Xoom’s specs here. This is one of the iPads’s strongest competitors, and it’s worth checking out at this amazing price.

iPad2 Prices in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mac just posted their prices for the iPad2 in Saudi Arabia. The prices look very reasonable, and very comparable to Apple’s in the States.

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My Experience with the Wireless Memory Card


A while back, like in October, I bought myself a 4GB wireless memory card for my camera. I got it from eXcite for KD 22, but never got around to using it till today.

I opened it up today, installed it on my laptop, and experimented a bit with it:

  • First thing you have to do is connect the memory card, via the enclosed card reader, to your laptop for initial setup.
  • Then you add a wireless network, which will be used to wirelessly transfer your photos from the camera to the laptop.
  • I had to update the card’s software, because the one that came with it back in October was now outdated.
  • You chose where you want to save the pictures. You can either pick iPhoto or in separate folders.
The rest is super easy. I took the card out of its reader, put it in my camera, and started shooting. As long as the Eye-Fi software is open on your computer, the picture transfer is instantaneous. After using the card for a while today, I couldn’t really see any major advantages to it. However, I think the card is good in the following situations:
  • If you don’t want to carry your card reader around all the time. With this wireless card, all you need is your laptop and wireless network to transfer pictures.
  • If you want to quickly add pictures, especially if all you want are the new ones you just took.