I’m Addicted to This Game

iSlash is an addictive iPhone game to tune up your ninja senses. Your finger is your weapon. Swipe to slash and have fun!

iSlash iTunes link


I’m Addicted to These Two iPhone Games

Both games are free, and you can find them in the App store. The Scrabble game (shown above) is much harder than the other game, because for you to win a game, you have to use up ALL of your letter chips; which is pretty hard to do. I’ve won a maximum of 4 games so far, and that is after spending a couple of hours, minimum, per game.

This is the easiest of the two games, and it’s called Scrabble Blast. It’s super fun to play, easy enough to score high, and ends when there are no more word to form. You don’t actually have to use all of your letters in order to finish the game.

Both games are free and fun to play. But if you’re looking for a short easy game, then chose the Scrabble Blast. And if you’re looking for a mind-stimulating game, then go for the full Scrabble version. The Scrabble one will take you atleast a couple of hours, and the possibility of hair lose, but will also satisfy you the most if you ever finish it.

You can find the games in Apple’s App store (here & here).