Happy 50th anniversary Gulf Bank

Wow, it’s been 50 years since Gulf Bank opened up its doors. I’ve always been a big fan of Gulf Bank, and it makes me happy to congratulate them on this very special occasion.

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I love Gulf Bank

I love the advertising campaigns of Gulf Bank. They just scream old Kuwait.

I love how they use old lights (zhaiwi), young girls of the past (m3 dararee3hum w 3achayfhum), and the magnificant boom-like buildings of their branches.

Here is a 3eed greeting from Gulf Bank.

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Does anyone need an Emsakiya?

I thought I would post a Ramadan Emsakiya again, just in case anyone lost theirs and wants to check the Emsak timings. I, myself, check every single day. I don’t think I can live without an Emsakiya.

So here you go, with the compliments of Gulf Bank.

Ramadan Kareem مبارك عليكم الشهر

Ramadan kareem to everyone with my best hopes of an easy and peaceful fasting

مبارك عليكم الشهر و تعودونه كل سنة انشاءالله

I leave you with this Emsakiya, which I got from Gulf Bank

Gulf Bank finally Makes a Profit! U$ 5 Mil.

Gulf Bank announced that it has made a Net Profit of U$ 5 Mil, which means that it has finally started to generate positive income, i.e. PROFITS! after more than 2 years in the Red. AND after causing one of the scariest loses that threatened to topple down both the Kuwaiti Banking sector and the Kuwaiti economy.

We’re proud of Gulf Bank. Keep it going yal BooM.