I have to admit I’m loving the weather these days. I was trying to go to chale every time the weather wasn’t dusty, so I’m been coming here quite a lot during weekdays. But even with that, I have to confess it’s been fun and lovely.

It turns out a lot of people do come on weekdays, especially college kids, so the sea isn’t actually quite empty or deserted. I’m loving it.

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Beach Reading

It strikes me as odd that almost no one reads on the beach in Kuwait. In any other place, it’s a very respectable beach activity. An activity to be enjoyed, along with the occasional dip in the water.

As much as I try to reach while on the beach, it just doesn’t seem that I have anytime left for this entertaining and relaxing hobby, with all the swimming and socializing going on.

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone

The weather is amazing, sunny but with a cool breeze. Have a great weekend evveryone, just don’t go out to sea today, it looks like it’s going to be wavy today.

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Fun Parasailing in Kuwait

Today my friends tried parasailing, and they had an amazing time. I’ll try to write a proper post when I get the chance.

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One really great Pizza from SeaShell Jlai3a

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SeaShell Hotel & Resort Jlai3a have a wood\brick pizza oven. A lot of my friends recommended the pizza, so I gave it a try last week. And it was amazing. It’s really fresh, has great tomato sauce and cheese, so light and thin, comes piping hot from the oven, and is just really good.

I love a good pizza, and always have trouble ordering one that is both light and rich in taste. Anyways, I loved the SeaShell’s pizza so much, that I actually went there again this weekend too.

It’s served in their Presto cafe, the one on the water fountain roundabout, and costs between Kd2 and 3, depending on the toppings you chose.

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A Huge Thank You to our Coast Guards

I just want to express my deepest thanks and biggest hugs to our beloved Coast Guards, allah ey7afethkum inshalla.

The Coast Guards were cruising the sea in this amazing hovercraft, so me and my friends waved at them, being the national holiday month and all.

And bless their precious hearts, they turned to us, came close to the beach, and saluted us; as we waved and clapped.

Thank you so much for giving us the best of patriotic feelings today, god bless you wizara w wazeer xoxo

3ashat linna elkwait!! عاشت لنا الكويت

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Up up and way in Jlia3a skies

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Have you noticed that everyone was happy, energized, and excited in Chale this weekend?

The weather was amazing, with a cool breeze at night. The water was cool, clear, and high. The people were out and about riding all sorts of things; jet skies, boats, airplane gliders, and horses.

I managed to get a few pictures of one air glider. The guys on it sure looked like they were having a blast. Good for them!

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Beautiful horses on the beach in Jlai3a

While swimming yesterday, I saw these couple of guys on really pretty horses. The horses were enjoying their playtime in the water, it was a nice sight to watch.