No Nestle For You Today

Saw this sign yesterday at Surra Co-Op, while getting a few packs of my favorite Haagen daz ice-cream. I wonder what’s going on here. I did hear that some of the ready-to-make Cappucino and Mochaccino boxes were missing from co-ops due to pricing conflicts.

I do hope this doesn’t turn into another KDD Co-Op boycotting campaign. That wasn’t fun when it happened 3-4 years ago.



My Prize from the Baby Shower


I went to my friend’s baby shower today, and we played a few games there. This was my prize. Even though someone kept on stealing my prizes, smother someone kept giving me her prizes. Of course, those prizes got stolen too, but I did manage to hold on to this one.

I love candles, so I’m super happy this was what I won.

The Oldest Bat Mobile

This 74 year-old grandfather spent weeks transforming his scooter into a Bat Mobile.

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Drunk Teen Falls Off an Escalator & Survives

I Gota Say Bieber is Cute


Are They Saying it’s Ok to Kill Abortionists?

I don’t think this is a true. This looks like they’re saying it’s ok to kill abortionist doctors. Abortion isn’t legal in Kuwait or in most Arab states. But in the West, it goes without saying that pro-choice goes hand-in-hand with the freedom of having sex.

And what I think the people in this video are calling for is that’s it’s ok to point-blank kill abortionists. I wonder how people will react to this in the West. They probably would not like it.

Super Duper Cute يسلم قلبه

Is this the Best Little Dancer Ever? ماشاءالله على الرقص