Review of “Super 8” Movie “فيلم “سوبر ٨

فيلم “سوبر ٨” قاعد ينعرض هذي الأيام بسينمات الكويت… الفيلم من اخراج و انتاج ج.ج. ابرام و ستيفين سبيلبيرغ، فالمفروض يكون روعة جدا… قصته تتحدث عن كائن فضائي و محاولاته الهروب من الأرض، بمساعدة شلة من الأطفال……. الفيلم حلو و شيق، و لكنه برايي موجه للأولاد اللي بسن المراهقة أكثر من أي فئة أخرى. قصته عبارة عن عدة مغامرات يقوم ببطولتها و حلها مجموعة من الأولاد المراهقين، بالإضافة الى بنت، و يذكرني أكثر شي بفيلم اي.تي مع أختاف القصة طبعا، و شلون يحاولون هالأطفال انهم يحلون المواقف بدون مساعدة أهاليهم، و بإعتمادهم على نفسهم و تفكيرهم

الفيلم ايجابي جدا، قصته حلوة، يبث الطيبة و حب المساعدة، متعوب على تصويره، و المؤثرات الخاصة أكثر من ممتازة

We went to see J.J. Abrams & Steven Spielberg’s new movie “Super 8”, which revolved around an alien stuck on Earth. Though it was a nice movie, I still felt that teenage boys would be the movie’s main target. The film is set in the 70’s, and the boys are trying to make their own movie using a “Super 8” camera, hence the movie’s name.

The movie has superb special effects, has an heroic story, and is just very enjoyable to watch. But like I said, keep in mind that it is a tad too childish for adults.


Half Price Mondays with CineScape لا تنسون اليوم تذاكر السينما بنص السعر

أي فيلم تحجزونه اليوم (ما عدا ٣دي و آي ماكس) راح يكون بنص السعر، يعني بس دينار و نص التذكرة…. و لا تنسون السعر متوفر للعروض كلها ، حتى اللي بعد نص الليل اليوم

هذا موقع السينما عشان تحجزون حق الليلة

Bachelor Only Movie Nights

KNCC started offering guys only movie nights, in some of it’s locations. Tonight’s Pirates of the Caribbean’s late show at the Avenues is guys only, for example.

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Facebook movies is banned by the censors in Kuwait

  • “The Social Network” movie, a.k.a. the Facebook movie, has been banned from Kuwait Cinemas.
  • Cinescape just posted the news on its Twitter account.


CineScape not closing for Magreb prayer

Remember last week when CineScape decided to take a 10 minute Magreb prayer intermission?

Well, I’m glad to inform you that they’ve cancelled this decision, and won’t be having prayer breaks.

I sent them an email yesterday complaining about this, but to my shock their reply was that they’ve already cancelled their decision.

Needless to say, I’m so happy with this.

Oh, and don’t forget about half price Mondays, so make sure you head over to for a lovely time at the movies.

Taking pictures at Sultan Center is not allowed

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I read Mark’s post today about not allowed to take pictures at LuLu Hyper Market, felt it was a bit weird.

Well, I was in Sultan Center Jabriya a couple of hours ago. And I was trying to test the flash setting on my camera, so I took like 3 pictures. All of a sudden, a guy in a Dishdasha comes to me and says that I’m not allowed to take pictures.

What is this? Where are we exactly to be forbidden from taking pictures? Unfortunately, this reminds me of KNCC’s security failed attempts of trying to open my bag and check for snacks before I go in the cinema!! (ok this last story happened to my friend and not me, but it still counts).

I think security staff at private companies over exaggerate their powers, if you ask me. But, the guy in Dishdasha was polite and was smiling, so I gladly out away my camera with a sincere apology offered to him.

Must see Inception now

I’m not much for going to the movies in Kuwait, especially after they re-instated the dreadful half time break; as if watching a movie from a seated position is too strenuous for us. But after reading zDistrict’s post about Inception, I so want to go see it! Especially after it beat Salt for 1st place in Box Office returns.