Kuwait’s Temperature

A reader sent me this. 55 degress!!

Thx Ahmad


Come Sign at The Avenues with Zain حملة تواقيع في الأفينيوز مع زين

في إطار حملة زين الحالية ضد كتابة الرسائل أثناء القيادة، تقوم زين بحملة جمع تواقيع ضد هذه الظاهرة السلبية الخطرة. الحدث يقام في نهاية هذا الإسبوع، في الآفنيوز، و يستمر إلى يوم السبت

Zain is having a special event this weekend at the Avenues Mall, to sign a pledge not to text and drive. Check out Drive Zain’s campaign site here.

This Was Taken Yesterday: 53 Degrees Heat is Already Here

I guess we don’t have to wait for the weekend to see 53° degree heat. One of my readers, Shadi, took this yesterday at 1.16 p.m., ouch, that’s hot. I do hope that no one suffered from heat strokes or dehydration.

Check my post about this weekend’s super hot weather, and be careful. 

Thx Shadi for the pic.

Attention All Bloggers

VIVA has big plans for some interesting and entertaining events for bloggers, and would like to cover everyone by getting their contact details.

All you have to do is send your details to socialmedia@viva.com.kw

VIVA is serious about the new social medias, like Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs. They view the blogging world as an important element, just like regular press and traditional marketing.

And VIVA does throw some of the best events for bloggers out there. The attention and care and interest they pay to bloggers is overwhelming and nice. I’ve been to a few VIVA events myself, like the VIVA-iPhone launch (here and here) and the premier of X-Men First Class (hereherehere). You can expect to have a great time, be taken seriously, and meet some senior VIVA personnel on the way too.

Don’t forget to send your details to socialmedia@viva.com.kw

Things You Didn’t Know About Pinkberry & Kuwait

I was reading an article in Businessweek about Pinkberry’s plans to expand outside of the USA. The article is fairly new, it was written in April 2011, and had some really fascinating facts. Including something fascinating (but not surprising) about Kuwait:

  • Kuwait is Pinkberry’s highest volume store, beating everyone everywhere. Way to go Kuwait.
  • Starbucks Chairman joined the board of Pinkberry in 2007. Super cool connection score for local big Starbucks fans, Al-Shaye3.
  • People stood in line, yes even in West Hollywood, for hours when Pinkberry first opened up there in 2005.
  • Pinkberry is expensive, and not just in Kuwait: a small cup costs $5 in the States.
  • Pinkberry’s Peru branches get 50% more business than the American branches. Way to go Peru.
  • Pinkberry sales are less than one-third of ColdStone’s sales.
  • You get lots of local flavors and toppings to suit every specific market; like green tea flavors in South-East, and dates & pistachio topping in our Gulf region.
I hope you enjoyed these little-known-facts, just like I did.

53 Degree Hot Burning Kuwaiti Weekend

It looks like we’re going to have 53° this weekend. Make sure you hydrate well, stay inside between 11 am and 3-4 pm, wear strong sun protection, and appropriate headwear and clothes.

دودهتونا وياكم

الصورة و الإسم موراكبين على بعض… الظاهر توزير ثلاث إخوان للمرة الأولى بالكويت، لف روس الناس

على الأقل يابوا إسم العايلة صح

ترقبوا تصويب الخطأ في عدد القبس باكر


Kuwait’s New Badalah on iTunes بدالة الكويت الجديدة على آيتونز


This is a great application, if you happen to experience problems with our beloved local 101 &1808080 operators.

I found this App especially useful when trying to located foreign named places in Kuwait. I can’t say it’s a great app, but it is a whole lot better than 101 or 1808080. Give it a try, especially before you pay the 100 obligatory fils for the 1808080 lousy SMS service. remember, iBadala is free of charge.

You can also add your own venues, which really means: the more people use it, the better it will get.

You can find it here at iBadala’s original website, or here at the iTunes store.

Thank you Noura M. for this lovely App recommendation.