Luscious Designs by Our Friend Dudette

It’s so nice to see young Kuwaiti talent, spreading their talents over many fascinating and new venues. One of those new spiring Kuwaities is Dudette from 7ajidude’s blog.

Not only is she a blogger, but she’s also a stylish fashion designer since 2009. Check out her latest collection at 52 degrees in Tilal complex Shuwaikh.

 The first collection is basically casualy, daily wear , jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and vests , 2nd Collection will be my Ramadan collection which will launch soon.

This is Luscious’ Facebook page.


360 Mall Wins International Award مجمع ٣٦٠ يفوز بجائزة عالمية


مجمع ٣٦٠ فاز بوحدة من أهم الجوائز العالمية اللي في مجال تجارة التجزئة….. ألف مبروك للمجمع الناجح ٣٦٠ مع تمنياتنا بنجاحات أخرى لهم و لغيرهم من معالم الكويت الجميلة

360 MALL has won the Retail and Leisure International’s coveted “International Shopping Centre of the year” Award for 2011. Considered amongst the most prestigious of international awards in the retail and leisure industries, the Global Awards were presented at a glittering ceremony held at the Museum of National History, London on the 9th of June amidst an august audience of international retailers, leisure and shopping centre developers and operators.

360 MALL won the awards against three international finalists; National Harbour, Washington DC, USA, Forum Istanbul, Turkey and Odysseum, France. The award recognized the contribution made by the Shopping Centre in design and operational excellence.

Great Duaa Ramadan Dararee3 معرض دعاء دزاينز لدراريع رمضان


انا شهادتي بهذه المصممة الكويتية المحليةمجروحة (تقدرون تقرون عنها هني)….. دعاء ديزاينز دايما تقدم احلى تصاميم الدراريع حق رمضان و العيد. موديلاتها، و الاقمشة الي تستعملهم، و التصاميم دايما أحلى من أي شي موجود بالسوق… لا يفوتكم معرض دعاء لدراريع رمضان في بيت لوذان، لمدة ٣ أيام ابتداء من اليوم… دعاء ديزاينز مايشاركون بمعارض جماعية، فلحقوا عليهم هاليومين بمعرضهم الخاص اذا تبون شي خاص و كشخة لرمضان

Duaa Designs are having a 3-day exhibition for their Ramadan Dararee3. Duaa are one of my most favorite local designers, and I’ve written about her a few times before (check here, here, and here).

Her designs are absolutely amazing, and the materials she uses are super elegant and stylish. Plus, almost every dara3a is uniquely different from anything in this collection or in the market. As far as style goes, I don’t think there’s a better local dara3a designer.

Duaa Designs

تسر دعاء ديزاين لدعوتكم لمعرض الفساتين والدراعات الرمضانيه
يوم الاحد الموافق
 من الساعه 10:00 صباحا حتى 1:00 مساء
ومن الساعه ا5:00 مساء حتى 10:00 مساء
لمده ثلاثه ايام

بيت لوذان -قاعه الصفصاف

نتشرف بحضوركم
Tel: 99272262

So Proud of This: Pics of Space Taken by a Kuwaiti


These pictures were taken by Ahmad Al-Rumaidheen, a Kuwaiti Aeronautical Engineering and Space Science student currently studying in the USA. He got a balloon up 30,000 meters, took some pics, and got the balloon back down to Earth.

  • He took the pictures using a handmade balloon, funded by his own personal money. 
  • The ballon flew to a height of 30,000 meters, and was able to take pictures of the Earth’s curvature.
  • It took the balloon two hours to reach that height, and another two hours to land, 100 KM away from the launch site.
  • Ahmad flew the balloon in daylight, to prove  that the balloon did reach outer space when it takes black sky pics of the Earth.

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On Sunday April the 17th at 7 am in the morning. A Kuwaiti drove 320 km North from Los Angles to California farms land, to send his camera to high above the ground, to reach Space, and photograph the black sky in the middle of the day, to prove it went to Space. The launch of his homemade spaceship was on 10 am in the morning. The Spaceship ascent for 2 hours, took pictures of the Black space, then 2 hours later, it landed 100 km east of the launching site. The owner then drove to the landing site, and picked up his spaceship, and viewed the images, and the project was a complete successes. The spaceship reached 30 000 meters above sea level, and photographed the curvature of earth itself. And therefore He became the first Kuwaiti to achieve that height with a handmade and self-budget project.

At this height, a human need a spacesuit or he/she will boil up because of the lack of pressure and cause death the same way as if he went out of space shuttle without a spacesuit.

The space Balloon reached altitude that is higher than all civilian aircraft, and all spy airplanes.  The environment at this height will lack normal atmosphere that you can see the blackness of space comfortably as shown in the pictures.

Ahmad Nasser Alromeadheen is an aeronautical and space technology engineer student and a member in the scientific club of Kuwait in the department of Astronomy. Ahmad has a very big passion to the exploration of space and Astronomy.  He worked as member of the Astronomy department with al’aijery observatory, the planetarium, and helped coordinate with other science club members in many eclipse and astronomical events that happened in Kuwait, and provided many public lectures about Astronomy and Science to promote this field in Kuwait. He also took pictures of the Nova explosion that happened in 2008 and was put in the Kuwaiti news paper.

Ahmad spend most of his youth time studying the stars and the universe in Kuwait desert to make a better understand of it and to help the Arab and Kuwait to catch up at the science race that the world is in right now.

One of Ahmad’s dreams is to be the 1st Arab to walk on the moon and the planets of the solar system.  A dream that could be impossible with current Arab situation, but nothing is impossible in this life.

Ahmad would like to thank everyone who helped him and encouraged him since he was young on science, for he thinks that he could have not done that, without the encouragement he received from his parents, brothers, sister, friends, and the scientific center of Kuwait. He would like to give this achievement as a gift for his parents to their wedding 30th anniversary, the scientific club of Kuwait, and for all the people of Kuwait and their Ameer, and of course, to every human been.

يوم الأحد الموافق السابع عشر من ابريل في تمام الساعة السابعة صباحا, توجه الكويتي حوالي 320 كيلو مترا شمال المنطقة الأمريكية لوس أنجلوس إلى مزارع كالفورنيا ليرسل بكامرته إلي السماء لتصل للفضاء ويصور السماء السوداء في منتصف النهار ليثبت بلوغها الفضاء.
انطلاقت مركبته المصنوعة يدويا في تمام الساعة العاشرة صباحا و استغرق صعودها ساعاتان تقريبا و أخرى لرجوعها بعد اتمام مهمتها بتصوير الفضاء الأسود, و تمت عملية الهبوط على بعد 100 كيلو مترا شرق موقع الانطلاق. وعندها انطلق المواطن الكويتي إلى موقع الهبوط و أخرج الصور من الكاميرا و بذلك انجزت المهمه بنجاح باهر. وصل إرتفاع المركبة إلى 30000 مترا فوق مستوى سطح البحر و صورت إنحناءة كوكبنا الأم الأرض.

إن بلوغ هذا الارتفاع يلزم الإنسان إرتداء زي الفضاء الخاص و إلا لم يستطع العيش من قلت الضغط التي تسبب في غليان الجسم في الداخل, مثلما لو خرج رائد الفضاء إلى الفضاء من غير زي الفضاء الخاص.

وصل بلون أحمد الرميضين الفضائي إلى إرتفاع أعلى من جميع الطائرات المدنية و منها العسكرية و تتشخص بيئة هذا الارتفاع بندرة الغلاف الجوي مما يجعل رؤية سواد السماء مرأيا و واضحا مثلما هي واضحة في الصور الملتقطة.  مما يجعل منه أول كويتي يصل إلى هذا الارتفاع بمجهود فردي.

الطالب أحمد ناصر الرميضين متخصص في هندسة الملاحة وتكنولوجيا الفضاء و كذلك عضو في النادي العلمي الكويتي بقسم الفلك له شغف كبير في مجال إكتشاف الفضاء و الفلك و عمل كذلك كعضو في مرصد العجيري, و ساعد في تنظيم العديد من الظواهر الفلكية التي حدثت في الكويت مع أعضاء النادي الأخرين مثل كسوف الشمس. و ألقى أحمد الرميضين العديد من محاضرات فلكية و فضائية التي ركز فيهم على توسيع هذا المجال في الكويت. و من أشهر ما نقل إلا الصحافة الصورة التي إلتقطها عن إنفجار نوفا فضائي في عام 2008
قضى أحمد الرميضين وقته و حياته في دراسة النجوم و المجرات في صحراء الكويت منذ صغره كي يفهمه بشكل أدق و أعمق و كذلك ليساعد الكويت و العرب في الارتقاء في سباق العلم و وصولهم إلى مستويات العلم العليا.

و من أحلام أحمد بأن يكون العربي الأول في المشي على القمر و كواكب المجوعة الشمسية, حلم يكاد أن يكون مستحيلا في حال العرب الحالي و لكن ليس مستحيلا بنسبة له.

و أخيرا يحب أحمد ناصر الرميضين أن يشكر كل شخص ساعده و حفز فيه روح المثابرة و التقدم في العلم منذ صغره. و يعتقد إنه لم يصل إذا هذا لولا تشجيع والديه و أخوانه و أخته و أصدقائه و النادي العلمي الكويتي. و يريد أن يهدي هذا الإنجاز إلى والديه في ذكرى زواجهم الثلاثون, و إلى النادي العلمي الكويتي, و إلى دولة الكويت وشعبها عامة و أميرها خاصة  وبالطبع جميع البشرية.

Can Someone Buy This For Me

I fell in love with this bracelet. It’s hand made, from natural stones, and some of beads are gold plated.

What’s so special about them is that each is uniquely made according to the horoscope sign.

My sign is Aries; so this particular bracelet has a few Aries gold charms like a Ram, the word adventurous, and the word Aries.

You can get them at Tashkiel, at the Hala Ramadan Expo.

Early Ramadan Expo Opens Today افتتاح معرض هلا رمضان اليوم


The Hala Ramadan expo opens today, and it will be on for three days till May 12th. Visit them at the 360º’s Um Kalhthoum Hall, on the ground floor. There are a few of companies I know that are showing their work there, it’s worth it to give them a visit.

  • Make sure you check out Tashkeil’s New Independent Saudi Designers at the Expo today.
  • Also pass by Cristeaux for some gorgeous Gergai3an costumes for little boys & girls.

One of the Most Amazing Travel Blogs You’ll Ever Encounter travel blog is truly unique, and is 100% locally produced. It belongs to a young Kuwaiti man who is very worldly, liberal, well-travelled, a music guru, and just a damn fine good human being. And he also happens to have one of the most popular music blogs in the whole world, and the #1 MidEast blog, Loft965.

Naser Al-Qatami started his own-stand-alone travel blog, aptly called Flight965, around the beginning of the year. I’ve been an avid follower, though silent, right from the start. The blog reads like a magazine, and the layout is a very amusing. You scroll through posts horizentally versus the regular up-and-down motion we’re all used to.

Anyways, about the blog; it’s a great source for some real hands-on experience in far fetched travel destinations. Plus, the blog has some amazing categories, I love how they’re split up. You’ve got: Hotels, Gadgets, Destinations, Offers…etc. each category is definitely worthy of a lengthy visit.

Naser is a fan of travel. Let me correct that, is a HUGE FAN of travel. He’s already been to more than 50-60-70 countries so far, I lost count of how many countries he already visited. And has a great writing style, he really can describe his travel escapades in a very charming and engaging way, a way that will make you wish you went there too.

Check out this new blog. It’s already a huge success, and is being labeled as one of the best ME travel blogs\sites. This quote is from

So, bookmark it. Add it to your RSS feed. Follow the updates on Twitter. “Like” us on Facebook. is coming your way and it’s going to be big!

Btw, I’m counting on my dear travel loving readers; the likes of Laguna, Om Totta, Faith, New Vision, Nivine, Indes, and Babble for a proper site check up. Don’t worry, you won’t regret taking a gander look at Flight965. I haven’t 😉

Check out my previous praising here and here.

Kuwaiti made ashtray

This is a purely made Kuwaiti ashtray, for the times when u need one; locally made from a can of soda.

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