Kuwait’s New Badalah on iTunes بدالة الكويت الجديدة على آيتونز


This is a great application, if you happen to experience problems with our beloved local 101 &1808080 operators.

I found this App especially useful when trying to located foreign named places in Kuwait. I can’t say it’s a great app, but it is a whole lot better than 101 or 1808080. Give it a try, especially before you pay the 100 obligatory fils for the 1808080 lousy SMS service. remember, iBadala is free of charge.

You can also add your own venues, which really means: the more people use it, the better it will get.

You can find it here at iBadala’s original website, or here at the iTunes store.

Thank you Noura M. for this lovely App recommendation. 


Great Duaa Ramadan Dararee3 معرض دعاء دزاينز لدراريع رمضان


انا شهادتي بهذه المصممة الكويتية المحليةمجروحة (تقدرون تقرون عنها هني)….. دعاء ديزاينز دايما تقدم احلى تصاميم الدراريع حق رمضان و العيد. موديلاتها، و الاقمشة الي تستعملهم، و التصاميم دايما أحلى من أي شي موجود بالسوق… لا يفوتكم معرض دعاء لدراريع رمضان في بيت لوذان، لمدة ٣ أيام ابتداء من اليوم… دعاء ديزاينز مايشاركون بمعارض جماعية، فلحقوا عليهم هاليومين بمعرضهم الخاص اذا تبون شي خاص و كشخة لرمضان

Duaa Designs are having a 3-day exhibition for their Ramadan Dararee3. Duaa are one of my most favorite local designers, and I’ve written about her a few times before (check here, here, and here).

Her designs are absolutely amazing, and the materials she uses are super elegant and stylish. Plus, almost every dara3a is uniquely different from anything in this collection or in the market. As far as style goes, I don’t think there’s a better local dara3a designer.

Duaa Designs

تسر دعاء ديزاين لدعوتكم لمعرض الفساتين والدراعات الرمضانيه
يوم الاحد الموافق
 من الساعه 10:00 صباحا حتى 1:00 مساء
ومن الساعه ا5:00 مساء حتى 10:00 مساء
لمده ثلاثه ايام

بيت لوذان -قاعه الصفصاف

نتشرف بحضوركم

Tel: 99272262

Cute Gergai3an Outfits at Cristeaux in Hala Ramadan Expo


Cristeaux has some super cute girls and boys Gergai3an outfits, in their booth over at the Hala Ramadan Expo at the 360º Mall. The outfits are made to order, and take about a week or 10 days. Visit Cristeaux’s Facebook page for details of all their other designs.

Can Someone Buy This For Me

I fell in love with this bracelet. It’s hand made, from natural stones, and some of beads are gold plated.

What’s so special about them is that each is uniquely made according to the horoscope sign.

My sign is Aries; so this particular bracelet has a few Aries gold charms like a Ram, the word adventurous, and the word Aries.

You can get them at Tashkiel, at the Hala Ramadan Expo.

Review of the Fish Market Restaurant in Salmiya

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This is the original Fish Market restaurant, before the big fancy one of Americana opened up near Kuwait Towers. I’ve been going to this place for years, ever since it only had 6 tables. The food there is amazing, everything is cooked to perfection.

You know the fish and other sea food is fresh, because you get to pick it fresh from the piles right in front of you. You choose the fish, shrimp, scampi, crab you want; and tell them how you want it cooked. You can also order off the menu; like pasta dishes, salads, oriental, rice, and other side dishes.

This time we got lucky, and found fresh Scampi. These are not easy to find in Kuwait, let alone fresh like this. We had a grilled She3em, a fried Zbaidi, Lobster & Scampi with mushroom cheese sauce, salad, fries, and fried rice. Our bill was approx. KD40 for 2 people, which is a little expensive. But it’s pretty reasonable when you eat fresh fish like this.

Their phone number is 2575-5522. This Fish Market is located in Salmiya, at the entrance of Salem Al-Mubarak St. If you’re coming from the 4th Ring Road, then it’ll be right in front of you, just past the traffic light, on the right side beside the parking lot. Here’s a map to show you where it is exactly.

Early Ramadan Expo Opens Today افتتاح معرض هلا رمضان اليوم


The Hala Ramadan expo opens today, and it will be on for three days till May 12th. Visit them at the 360º’s Um Kalhthoum Hall, on the ground floor. There are a few of companies I know that are showing their work there, it’s worth it to give them a visit.

  • Make sure you check out Tashkeil’s New Independent Saudi Designers at the Expo today.
  • Also pass by Cristeaux for some gorgeous Gergai3an costumes for little boys & girls.

One of the Most Amazing Travel Blogs You’ll Ever Encounter

Flight965.com travel blog is truly unique, and is 100% locally produced. It belongs to a young Kuwaiti man who is very worldly, liberal, well-travelled, a music guru, and just a damn fine good human being. And he also happens to have one of the most popular music blogs in the whole world, and the #1 MidEast blog, Loft965.

Naser Al-Qatami started his own-stand-alone travel blog, aptly called Flight965, around the beginning of the year. I’ve been an avid follower, though silent, right from the start. The blog reads like a magazine, and the layout is a very amusing. You scroll through posts horizentally versus the regular up-and-down motion we’re all used to.

Anyways, about the blog; it’s a great source for some real hands-on experience in far fetched travel destinations. Plus, the blog has some amazing categories, I love how they’re split up. You’ve got: Hotels, Gadgets, Destinations, Offers…etc. each category is definitely worthy of a lengthy visit.

Naser is a fan of travel. Let me correct that, is a HUGE FAN of travel. He’s already been to more than 50-60-70 countries so far, I lost count of how many countries he already visited. And has a great writing style, he really can describe his travel escapades in a very charming and engaging way, a way that will make you wish you went there too.

Check out this new blog. It’s already a huge success, and is being labeled as one of the best ME travel blogs\sites. This quote is from Flight965.com:

So, bookmark it. Add it to your RSS feed. Follow the updates on Twitter. “Like” us on Facebook. Flight965.com is coming your way and it’s going to be big!

Btw, I’m counting on my dear travel loving readers; the likes of Laguna, Om Totta, Faith, New Vision, Nivine, Indes, and Babble for a proper site check up. Don’t worry, you won’t regret taking a gander look at Flight965. I haven’t 😉

Check out my previous praising here and here.

An Amazing Mothers’ Day Cake from Kakao

I was browsing the Kuwaiti local online store, venyooo, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous Mothers’ Day cake from Kakao. The cake looks gorgeous and pretty with all the white chocolate ruffles.

Kakao is my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait, and I’m very sure that the cake will taste amazing. It’s priced at KD 20, with a KD 2 delivery charge from venyooo, and comes in a nice plexi round tray\cover.

Click here for my review of Kakao. You can call them on tel # 97162323 or check out their Facebook page for information and updates.