Things You Didn’t Know About Pinkberry & Kuwait

I was reading an article in Businessweek about Pinkberry’s plans to expand outside of the USA. The article is fairly new, it was written in April 2011, and had some really fascinating facts. Including something fascinating (but not surprising) about Kuwait:

  • Kuwait is Pinkberry’s highest volume store, beating everyone everywhere. Way to go Kuwait.
  • Starbucks Chairman joined the board of Pinkberry in 2007. Super cool connection score for local big Starbucks fans, Al-Shaye3.
  • People stood in line, yes even in West Hollywood, for hours when Pinkberry first opened up there in 2005.
  • Pinkberry is expensive, and not just in Kuwait: a small cup costs $5 in the States.
  • Pinkberry’s Peru branches get 50% more business than the American branches. Way to go Peru.
  • Pinkberry sales are less than one-third of ColdStone’s sales.
  • You get lots of local flavors and toppings to suit every specific market; like green tea flavors in South-East, and dates & pistachio topping in our Gulf region.
I hope you enjoyed these little-known-facts, just like I did.

Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous car collection

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Take a look at Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous car collection. Ferrari, Bugatti, and Benz; take your pick. Read all about it over at Vanity Fair.

Careful of Lady Gaga’s guns

Lady Gaga on the cover of November’s GQ Italy

Oprah sure looks different here

September issue’s cover of O magazine is nothing short of stunning. The transformation of Opera is just amazing, she looks absolutely different with this new hair do.

I don’t know if she cut her hair, or it’s just a wig. But it is amazing. You truly can change someone’s look just by changing their haircut. Wow.

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Perez Hilton meets Archie

Archie is a comic book I used to read all the time while growing up. It’s nice to see that they keep updating with the times. Perez Hilton is today’s royalty (taken with a huge grain of salt and a lot of laughs).

Look at how many times Bill Gates was on Time Magazine

I found like 8 Time magazine covers of Bill Gates, then I got tired and gave up. I bet he was on like at least 20 covers!!

Lady Gaga naked on the cover of Vanity Fair

Ok, I hope none of you thought I would really be posting naked pictures, this is one is the closest we’re going to get of the talented lady.

The pic is from Vanity Fair magazine.