Chanel’s Dancing Makeup Vid


Katy Perry without make up

I didn’t recognize her at all. She doesn’t look like herself, not one bit.

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Kim Kardashian without make up

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She actually looks pretty good without make up.

Make Up For Ever boutique opens in Kuwait

The professional makeup place, Make Up For Ever, has just opened up it’s first boutique in Avenues.

New Designer Logo Altra Trendy Nail Polish, a Must Have

My header might sound sarcastic to you, but shoot me in the head if I don’t hate this new collection. I like the clean black and white colors, they’re super fresh and classy. I love the nail stylist who came up with them.

Question is to you, would you wear designer logos on your finger nails? Or would you think it means that the person wearing them is so designer-name-label desperate? I mean, like I said, I personally like them, and probably wouldn’t mind sporting them for a day or 2. Atleast, they’re not as ridicules as Chanel’s Tattoos.

Ear rim Coloring is the New Thing for 2010

What is the on her ear you ask? Why it’s the latest fad in MakeUp artistry.

Willow Will Smith decided to ride Fashion’s High Speed Bullet Train back from the year 2100, just to give us a glimpse of this ultimate coolness.

Got to admit though, her and her brother look like they’re on their way to following their parents. What a cute pair of kids. And a cute pair of parents, if i may add. Will Smith is my kind of Super Star. Any day of the week.