Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya’s April Event Schedule

Courtesy of Kuwait Paper Dump.


Farah Fawcett’s famous swimsuit donated to the Smithsonian

CNN’s link.

Farah Fawcett’s Barbie doll wearing a replica swimsuit.

Google Doodle celebrates Gibran Khalil Gibran

Google Doodle celebrates the birth of Gibran Khlail Gibran.

His memorial in Washington DC.

His memorial in Boston.

His museum in Lebanon

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Under water movies for Scuba Divers

There is an underwater museum in Mexico, and I bet this would be a haven for intellectual scuba divers all around the world. You can check out the website for more details.

This post is inspired by my Australian blogger friend, Magsx2.

Rihanna’s cover for Only Girl single

I know it has nothing to do with 3eed prayer, but ga3deen y56eboon al7een and  I got bored, estagraffallah.

What do you think of Rihanna’s cover of her new single “Only Girl”?

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Rihanna looking great

Doesn’t Rihanna look great here? Her new single “Only Girl” is hitting towns in a few days.

This picture here is actually Rihanna’s wax double, made for Madame Tussauds‘ Washington D.C. wax museum. It will be put in the Glamour Room, where visitors can take pictures with her wax statue.

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Amazing Exhibition: Door of Holly Ka’aba along with Ancient A9nam

The original door of Al-Ka3ba Al-Mosharafa is currently under exhibition at the Louvre’s Museum as part of the “Roads of Saudi Arabia” Exhibition.

What is shocking about this exhibition is that it will also feature an ancient statue dating 400-600 b.c., and this statue is just like Al-A9nam the Profit Mohammad ordered to be destroyed at the beginning of Islam.

The show will run from July 14 till September 27, 2010, and will be in the Louvre’s new Islamic Arts halls financed by prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal (approx. cost is $24.5 million).

I think the door is just amazing.